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Health Tests

Total tested dogs in database – 2584. Of these:
PLL tested – 2236 dogs (2098 clear, 135 carrier, 3 affected).
PRA tested – 2225 dogs (2201 clear, 24 carrier, 0 affected).
KCS tested – 29 dogs. ECVO/CERF tested – 111 dogs. PL tested – 124 dogs.
HD tested – 8 dogs. Cardio tested – 21 dogs.

1.Abe Monamart AnomisPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
2.Abigayle Garden RosesPLL-clearPRA-clear
3.Abrikos Sweet Lion HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
4.Absolut Harmony Val'montPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
5.Absolute Souls 4 Your EntertainmentPLL-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal
6.Absolute Souls SpeechlessPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
7.Absolute Souls You Cant Take MePLL-clear
8.AdadjioPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
9.Adahy Faris Heybett ZanjeroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
10.Adel' Super AllegroPLL-clearPRA-clear
11.Adele Silent DogPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
12.Adeline Blonde Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
13.Admiral GrandPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
14.Admiral Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
15.Adorator Kiss Jr PretensjaPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
16.AelinaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
17.AferistPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
18.Afina Golden PrincessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
19.Agent z Gangu LysychPRA-clear b/p
20.Agness Silent DogPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
21.Aisha Ice RosePLL-carrierPRA-clear
22.Aisha White Panda TriumphPLL-carrierPRA-clear
23.Akant LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
24.Akebia LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
25.Akemi No ShokiPLL-clearPRA-clear
26.Akolita Sprawdź W SłownikuPLL-carriernormal
27.Aksamitny Dotyk PretensjaPLL-carriernormal
28.Akvarelka Kraski LetaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
29.Alana De Bona DeaPRA-clear b/p
30.Alaydzha Molosos GratziPLL-clearPRA-clear
31.Aleksa Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
32.Aleksandriya Gordaya Tsarevna PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
33.Alexandrite VolangelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
34.Alfa Laval AlarmaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
35.Alfa Laval Angry HorsePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
36.Alfa Laval AurikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
37.Alfa Laval BravoPLL-carrierPRA-clear
38.Alfa Laval De Lux SupernovaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
39.Alfa Laval SwarovskiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p0/0
40.Alfa Laval ZhemchuzhinaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
41.Alfiya Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
42.Algida Crystal IcePRA-clear b/p
43.Alice Silent DogPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
44.Aloes LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
45.Alpen Gold GattacaPRA-clear b/p
46.Altair Luxurious FavoritePLL-clearPRA-clear
47.Altina Nera Mali ZmajPLL-clearPRA-clear
48.Alvine Band Ohara PeperPLL-clearPRA-clear
49.Amaliya Bright For Rus LorensPRA-clear b/p
50.Amaretto For Sasima Beautiful StoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
51.Amarylis BrzdacPRA-clear
52.Amber Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
53.Amelia Esclusivo BrillantePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-carrier
54.America For Sasima Beautiful StoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
55.Amethyst VolangelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
56.Amun In Terra CivisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
57.Amundsen Crystal IcePRA-clear b/p
58.Anabell Silent DogPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
59.Anabella La Perla Chinese ButterflyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
60.Anayi Von ShinbashiPLL-clearPRA-clear
62.Angel In Terra CivisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
63.Angel Look Great MystifierPRA-clear
64.Angel Look Hippie ShakePLL-clearPRA-clear
65.Angel Look PorterPLL-clearPRA-clear
66.Angel Look Sensation Apriori VipPLL-clearPRA-carrier
67.Angel O' Check GraciaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
68.Angel O' Check Lim Po PoPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
69.Angel O' Check Nagrada Za LyubovPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
70.Angel O' Check Neobyknovennoye ChudoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
71.Angel O' Check Neskromnyy NamekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
72.Angel O' Check Neveroyatnaya UdachaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
73.Angel O' Check Nezhnaya LediPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
74.Angel O' Check Novaya ZvezdaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
75.Angel O' Check OcharovaniePLL-clearPRA-clear
76.Angel O' Check Persidskaya KnyazhnaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
77.Angel O' Check Ramzes Sonze EgiptaPLL-clearPRA-clear
78.Angel O' Check Rom BacardiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
79.Angel O' Check RussiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
80.Angel O' Check SambaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
81.Angel O' Check ShamanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
82.Angel O' Check ShanellPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
83.Angel O' Check SofiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
84.Angel O' Check TunisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
85.Angel O' Check Zolotaya DerzhavaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
86.Angel O'check AfinaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
87.Angel O'check Ariadna IlPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
88.Angelsun LeviathonPRA-clear
89.Anna Sky Kennel Absolutely FabulousPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
90.Anna Sky Kennel Amore Prima VistaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
91.Anna Sky Kennel Attracting All SmilesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
92.Anna Sky Kennel Dallas KorbenPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
93.Anna Sky Kennel Frisky WhiskeyPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
94.Anna Sky Kennel Mr. Co-Co BeanPLL-clear b/p
95.Anna Sky Kennel Nada Es ImposiblePLL-clear b/p
96.Anna Sky Kennel Nano EnergizerPLL-clear b/p
97.Anna Sky Kennel Nearly PerfectPLL-clear b/p
98.Anna Sky Kennel New Flyer ExpressPLL-clear b/p
99.Anna Sky Kennel Nola Skips CoolPLL-clear b/p
100.Anna Sky Kennel Nuestro Amor EternoPLL-clear b/p
101.Anna Sky Kennel Nuevo Rey Del TangoPLL-clear b/p
102.Anna Sky Kennel Omega LuxPRA-clear b/p
103.Anna Sky Kennel OnyxPRA-clear b/p
104.Anna Sky Kennel Optimus PrimePRA-clear b/p
105.Anna Sky Kennel OscarPRA-clear b/p
106.Anna Sky Kennel PancakePRA-clear b/p
107.Anna Sky Kennel Pandora IsabelPRA-clear b/p
108.Anna Sky Kennel Perpetuum MobilePRA-clear b/p
109.Anna Sky Kennel Pin Up GirlPRA-clear b/p
110.Anna Sky Kennel PinacoladaPRA-clear b/p
111.Anna Sky Kennel Show Them No MercyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
112.Anna Sky Kennel TabascoPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
113.Anna Sky Kennel TaygetaPLL-clear0/0
114.Anna Sky Kennel Tequila BoomPRA-clear b/p
115.Anna Sky Kennel Time BombPRA-clear b/p
116.Anna Sky Kennel Tokay KingPRA-clear b/p
117.Anna Sky Kennel Torrid MachoPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
118.Anna Sky Kennel Va BanquePLL-clear b/p
119.Anna Sky Kennel ValdemarPLL-clear b/p
120.Anna Sky Kennel ValentinkaPRA-clear b/p
121.Anna Sky Kennel Variety ShowPRA-clear b/p
122.Anna Sky Kennel VasabiPLL-clear b/p
123.Anna Sky Kennel VasilisaPLL-clear b/p
124.Anna Sky Kennel Veni Vidi ViciPRA-clear b/p
125.Anna Sky Kennel Very Wise PantherPLL-clear b/p
126.Anna Sky Kennel Viktoria WinnerPRA-clear b/p
127.Anna Sky Kennel VilhelmPLL-clear b/p
128.Anna Sky Kennel Vincent VegaPRA-clear b/p
129.Anna Sky Kennel Vip PersonaPLL-clear b/p
130.Anna Sky Kennel Viva La VidaPLL-clear b/p
131.Anna Sky Kennel Voyage VoyagePRA-clear b/p
132.Anna Sky Kennel Vraiment Une SirènePLL-clear b/p
133.Anna Sky Kennel Wish To Be The FirstPLL-clear b/p
134.Anna Sky Kennel Zamba StylePRA-clear b/p
135.Anna Sky Kennel ZanzibarPRA-clear b/p
136.Anna Sky Kennel Zara Golden LadyPRA-clear b/p
137.Anna Sky Kennel Zazu Little BirdPRA-clear b/p
138.Anna Sky Kennel ZenoviaPRA-clear b/p
139.Anna Sky Kennel Zlata PrincessPRA-clear b/p
140.Anna Sky Kennel Zuba King Of PridePLL-clearPRA-clear b/p0/0
141.Anna Sky Kennel ZvenislavaPRA-clear b/p
142.Anne Marii Mikeilonnormal
143.AntalPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
144.Anturazh ot Volnogo PsaPLL-clearPRA-clear
145.Anzhelika Markiza RingaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
146.Aprilia Pearl GattacaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pnormal
147.Apriori Vip Airy Elf~S AdonisPLL-clearPRA-clear
148.Apriori Vip Anturazh Elance LouangePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
149.Apriori Vip Anzheya OlardPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
150.Apriori Vip Bora Bora AngelocheckPLL-clearPRA-clear
151.Apriori Vip BravoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear
152.Apriori Vip Dark Side of the Moonnormal
153.Apriori Vip EvolutionPLL-clear b/p
154.Apriori Vip ExpressionPLL-clear b/p
155.Apriori Vip Fata-MorganaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
156.Apriori Vip Hard CorePLL-clearPRA-clear
157.Apriori Vip High HopePRA-clear b/p
158.Apriori Vip In Vino VeritasPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
159.Apriori Vip IrbisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
160.Apriori Vip IstreddPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
161.Apriori Vip JaguarPLL-clearPRA-clear
162.Apriori Vip JorjettaPLL-clear b/p
163.Apriori Vip JorjettaPLL-clear b/p
164.Apriori Vip JorjettaPRA-clear b/p
165.Apriori Vip JorjettaPRA-clear b/p
166.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
167.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
168.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
169.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
170.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
171.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
172.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
173.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
174.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
175.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
176.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
177.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
178.Apriori Vip Jorjetta
179.Apriori Vip Lege ArtisPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
180.Apriori Vip Never Say Never SoltantoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
181.Apriori Vip O-La-LaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
182.Apriori Vip OdaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
183.Apriori Vip Odion Mashama Mazi RusPLL-clearPRA-clear
184.Apriori Vip OnezhkaPLL-clearPRA-clear
185.Apriori Vip Opa Gangnam StylePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
186.Apriori Vip OrganzaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
187.Apriori Vip Orlando BloomPLL-clearPRA-clear
188.Apriori Vip PegasPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
189.Apriori Vip Punch Ketrin KristolPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
190.Apriori Vip QiantiPLL-clearPRA-clear
191.Apriori Vip Queen In BlackPLL-clearPRA-clear
192.Apriori Vip TriumphPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
193.Apriori Vip Trust MePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
194.Apriori Vip UltraPLL-clearPRA-carrier
195.Apriori Vip Willy WonkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
196.Apriori Vip Wow Yin-Yang For Manful WayPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
197.Apriori Vip YenneferPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
198.Apriori Vip YernestaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
199.Apriori Vip Yes I'm PrettyPLL-clearPRA-clear
200.Apriori Vip Zest Angel LookPLL-clearPRA-clear
201.Aquamarin VolangelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
202.AqwamarinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
203.Archibald For Sasima Beautiful StoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
204.Ares EmpathiePLL-clearPRA-clear0/0normalDM-clear
205.ArielPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
206.Arline Vail HeybettPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
207.Arllet Hope Hoard GoldPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
208.Armagnac Crystal IcePLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p0/0
209.Armani Molka D-AmorePLL-clearPRA-clear
210.Armani Sharm Desire of Queen PLL-clearPRA-clear
211.Armani Sharm Ingrid ShowPLL-clearPRA-clear
212.Armin Solo Amigo>15mm/min – normalnormal
213.Art Katarine Al`akirPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
214.Art Katarine AvianaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
215.Artemida Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
216.Artush Crystal IcePRA-clear b/p
217.Ashantal KaeliPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
218.Ashantal KaydancePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
219.Ashantal KenriekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
220.Ashantal KianPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
221.Ashantal MarcusPLL-clear b/p
222.Ashantal MarkusPLL-clear b/p
223.Ashantal MatteoPLL-clear b/p
224.Ashantal MaynorPLL-clear b/p
225.Ashantal MoniguePLL-clear b/p
226.Ashantal NicolasPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
227.Ashantal NorwardPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
228.Ashantal PompadourPLL-clear b/p
229.Ashantal PosodoblePLL-clear b/p
230.Ashantal PreferansPLL-clear b/p
231.Ashanti Solo Amigonormalnormal
232.Ashia Nalany Heybett PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
233.Aspen Crystal IcePRA-clear b/p
234.Astarta Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
235.Astarte Gold Silent DogPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
236.Aster LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
237.Asteria VolangelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
238.Asteriks Malenkiy Voin LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
239.Ataman Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
240.Athene In Terra CivisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
241.Aura Beauty Zarin des GottesPLL-clearPRA-clear
242.Aurum Time EralashPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
243.Aurum Time EseninPRA-clear b/p
244.Aurum Time K'yantiPRA-clear b/p
245.Avantyuristka Solnechnaya DivaPLL-clearPRA-clear
246.Aventurine VolangelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
247.Avgusteishaj OsobaPLL-clearPRA-clear
248.AvgustinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
249.AvisRara Gretta Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
250.Avrora Boginya Zari PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
251.Avtoritet Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
252.Awanach-Anty Milfra-MoraviaPLL-carrier
253.AwanturinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
255.AyvengoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
256.Azalia LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
257.Azzaro Crystal IcePRA-clear b/p
258.Babsy Face XantusiaDM-clear
259.Bacaratt Love Chinese ButterflyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
260.Bacardi Rigo GattacaPRA-clear b/p
261.Back To Black PoarottPLL-clearPRA-clear
262.Bahija FantalunaPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal0/0
263.Bai Long's DragonflyPLL-clearPRA-clear
264.Bajecznie Piekna Innowacja ScherzandoPLL-clearPRA-clear
265.Bajkowa Ksiezniczka InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
266.Balbina LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
267.Bambina Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
268.Barchuk ot Volnogo PsaPLL-clear
269.Bardolf For Irgen Gold Molosos GratziPLL-clearPRA-clear
270.Bardzo Elegancki InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clear
271.Barhatniy Bluz Temnoy NochiPLL-clearPRA-clear
272.Bart Golden Fitcher Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
273.Bassie Black Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
274.Baszira FantalunaPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal
275.Be My Loverboy CrestedGangPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
276.Beautiful Zola Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
277.Beauty Night Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
278.Beauty Stren AshliPLL-carrierPRA-clear
279.Bell La Vie Von ShinbashiPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal0/0
280.Bella Constanta New GracePLL-clearPRA-clear
281.Bella Constanta Option Of LuckPLL-clearPRA-clear
282.Bella Constanta Yammi ChoccoPLL-carrier
283.Bella Russochka Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
284.Belokuryi Angel Dorozhe ZolotaPRA-clear b/p
285.Beloved Tenth Avenue AlbaraPLL-clearnormal
286.Besame Mucho Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
287.Besarion FantalunaPRA-clear b/p
288.Best Golden Moye Ryzhee SolnyshkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
289.Best Of The Best Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
290.Bestiyan Vanilla Ice iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
291.Betti LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
292.Beylis Bliss Aji iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
293.Beylizak El Rey iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
294.Bi-Lav Plus AmazonkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
295.Bi-Lav Plus Arista BernicePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
296.Bi-Lav Plus Calanthe Eternal LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
297.Bi-Lav Plus Candi Sweet DaydreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
298.Bi-Lav Plus Charovnitsa V NochiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
299.Bi-Lav Plus Colorful Lover KissPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
300.Bi-Lav Plus Djenifer LopesPLL-clearPRA-clear
301.Bi-Lav Plus Inevitable SuccessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
302.Bi-Lav Plus Isadoro For MilisentaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
303.Bi-Lav Plus Koroleva MargoPLL-clearPRA-clear
304.Bi-Lav Plus Lemma For Dolce Dea AprioriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p0/0
305.Bi-Lav Plus MarmeladkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
306.Bi-Lav Plus OcharovashkaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
307.Bi-Lav Plus Opus Dogland HappyPLL-clearPRA-clear
308.Bi-Lav Plus OrlandoPLL-clear b/p
309.Bi-Lav Plus Osenniy PotseluyPLL-clearPRA-clear
310.Bi-Lav Plus Puff Del Terro PerrosPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
311.Bi-Lav Plus ShahirizadaPLL-clearPRA-clear
312.Bi-Lav Plus Show LoverPLL-clearPRA-clear
313.Bi-lav Plus Snezhnaya KorolevaPLL-clear b/p
314.Bi-Lav Plus ThelluriumPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
315.Bi-Lav Plus TherbiumPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
316.Bi-Lav Plus ThoriumPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
317.Bi-Lav Plus Tiramis'sPLL-clearPRA-clear
318.Bi-Lav Plus UsladaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
319.Bi-Lav Plus Zephirine Drouhin GollendPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
320.Bi-Lav Spartak Irgen GoldPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
321.Bibi Bianco GattacaPRA-clear b/p
322.Bibiana Vittoria dell AmorePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
323.Bikiulis Li Griss iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
324.Bimber Maximillian iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
325.Bimol HilalPLL-clearPRA-clear
326.Birchvolgyi - D' Fantomas Contre JuvePLL-clear b/p
327.Birchvolgyi - Desmond The ChildPLL-clear b/p
328.Birchvolgyi - Dionysos Son Of ZeusPLL-clear b/p
329.Birchvolgyi - Domingo The SingerPLL-clear b/p
330.Birchvolgyi - Don QuijotePLL-clear b/p
331.Bis Mou Sladkiy MedPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
333.Black FirePLL-clear
334.Black Orchid De FageiroPLL-clearPRA-clear
335.Blagorodnaya Zabava Dorozhe ZolotaPRA-clear b/p
336.Blanchefleer Molosos GratziPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
337.Blask Ksiezyca InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
338.Bliski Sercu Innowacja ScherzandoPLL-clearPRA-clear
339.Blondy In Law Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
340.Boa-Vista Love Chinese ButterflyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
341.Bogini Milosci PretensjaPLL-carrier
342.Bonni Cool LadyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
343.Boogie-Woogie Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
344.Boski Johnny InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clear
345.Briana Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
346.Bright Sun Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
347.Bruno Banani GattacaPRA-clear b/p
348.Bruno Banani Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
349.Budzaca Podziw InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clear
350.Burberry Gold GattacaPRA-clear b/p
351.Businka Podarok Moey DushiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
352.Buziak Na Dobranoc InnowacjaPLL-clearPRA-clear
353.Cabala O'VamosPLL-clear
354.Caesar Z Jasne HvezdyPLL-clear b/p
355.Cafe Margot SensiamorePRA-clear b/p
356.Caili Z TeramonuPRA-clear b/p
357.Caisun Semka Divinusi iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
358.Cajra Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
359.Callista, my Glory Grazia LailaPLL-clearPRA-clear
360.Camille Z Gangu LysychPRA-clear b/p
361.Canilay Bellatrix iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
362.Canna LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
363.Capitain Love Ralph Cladary TriumphPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
364.Carbon Copy N'coPLL-clearPRA-clear
365.Carmen Wiatr PustyniPLL-clearPRA-clear
366.Carmen Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
367.Casmai Standing OvationPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
368.Cassia LavandulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
369.Catch Me Du Coeur Des TenebresPLL-clearPRA-clear
370.Caught In The Act Of Roxy's PridePLL-clearnormal
371.Caynn Plysovy PritelPLL-clearPRA-clear
372.Cedar Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
373.Cekin Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
374.Celebrity Queen Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
375.Celestina Little AngelPRA-clear b/p
376.Centuria Polar StarPRA-clear b/p
377.Ceshli Alishat Alisha iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
378.Chan-Royce BellaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
379.Chan-Royce BrianaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
380.Chance Of A Lifetime Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
381.Charisma-Sterling Never Say NeverPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
382.Charl's " Ton dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
383.Charm Wins Cladary TriumphPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
384.Charming The World Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
385.Charochka Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
386.Charuyuschaya MelodiaPLL-clearPRA-clear
387.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Darling PreciousPLL-carrierPRA-clear
388.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Elegans ShokolatPLL-clearPRA-clear
389.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Emmi Espresso TriumfPLL-clear
390.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Flower Beautiful BlackPLL-clear b/p
391.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Hot Red ArtuaPRA-clear b/p
392.Charuyuschiy Soblazn IskorkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
393.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Izbranniy FavoritPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
394.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Neo The On FusionPLL-carrier
395.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Talisman WinnerPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalDM-clear
396.Charuyuschiy Soblazn YumikoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
397.Charuyuschiy Soblazn Yuvento Ar GoldPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
398.Charuyuschiy Soblazn ZhermonaPLL-clear
399.Chateau Blanche Sua SpontePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
400.Chaya Cante Tinzanormal0/0
401.Chaykovskiy Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
402.Cher Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
403.Cherie Ze Zatopene ChajdyPLL-clearPRA-clear
404.Cherni Zmij Rashel Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clearPRA-clear
405.Chernyy Angel Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
406.Cherry Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
407.Chervona Ruta Iz Sozvezdiya PsovPRA-clearnormal
408.Chervonchik Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
409.Chervovyy Frant Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
410.Chest' Imeet Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/p
411.Cheyz Bojojamil iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
412.Chicco Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
413.Chico Caramello SensiamorePRA-clear b/p
414.Chico De Seda Mali ZmajPRA-clear b/p
415.Chico Del Sol Mali ZmajPRA-clear b/p
416.Chineseblue's Gorgeous GuyPRA-clearnormalHD-A
417.Chineseblue's Number One Aom SomPLL-clearPRA-clear
418.Chipke Cajaputi Di RaboziPLL-clearPRA-clear
419.Chivas Regal Sua SpontePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
420.Chmiel Argoel Next GermanikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear
421.Chosen One Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
422.Cieciorka Next GermanikaPLL-clear b/p
423.Cinija Magic BeautyPRA-clear b/p
424.Cladary Triumph Dael Julie0/0
425.Cladary Triumph Gali LionPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
426.Clan of Stork's MonopolyPLL-clearPRA-clear
427.Classic Beauty A Magic TouchPLL-clearnormal1/1
428.Cléopâtre Du Domaine Des MontagnardsPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
429.Coffee Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
430.Como Un Angel SensiamorePRA-clear b/p
431.Corunia Tatunia InnowacjaPLL-carrier>15mm/min – normalnormal
432.Could Be My Prince of Roxy's PridePLL-clearnormal0/0
433.Crazy Cresteds Finola PanohPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
434.Credo Marini Celestine Rising StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
435.Credo Marini Charming CreaturePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
436.Credo Marini Chasing The DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
437.Credo Marini Cherry BlossomPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
438.Credo Marini ChinzanoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
439.Credo Marini Chosen OnePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
440.Credo Marini Game Of Angel`sPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
441.Credo Marini Katty Red SunPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
442.Credo Marini NiboriPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
443.Credo Marini Tesma Heavenli BeautifulPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
444.Credo Marini Tory Believe In DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
445.Crest'd Label American PlayboyPLL-clearPRA-clear
446.Crest'd Label Artic KissPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
447.Crest'd Label Back in BlackPLL-clear
448.Crest-Vue Caught LooknPLL-clearPRA-clear
449.Crestars The Chozen OnePLL-clear
450.Crested Style Civil FashionPLL-clearPRA-clear
451.Crested Style TsunamiePLL-clearPRA-clear
452.Crestilux Absolutely AlrightPLL-carrierPRA-clearDM-clear
453.Crestyle Jxs Graphic DesignPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
454.Crestyle SophiaPLL-clear
455.Crestyle's Master PiecePLL-clear b/p
456.Crimson Devil EpochaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
457.Cris Certova StenaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
458.Cristal Ice NazaradPRA-clear b/p
459.Cristoforo Colombo Cladary TriumphPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
460.Crystal Soul Edelweiss FlowerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
461.Crystal Soul Ellie MayPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
462.Crystal Soul Elvin JonesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
463.Crystal Soul Emilio RossoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
464.Crystal Soul Euphoria BlossomPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
465.Cybernetyka LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
466.Cynia Magic BeautyPRA-clear b/p
467.Cynia Next GermanikaPLL-clear b/p
468.Cyrus Tibetská NocPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0HD-AnormalDM-clearHUU-clear
469.Czako Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
470.Czar Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
471.Czort LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
472.Czyngis LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
473.Da Vinci Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
474.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet>15mm/min – normalnormal
475.Dajana Born BlondePLL-clearPRA-clear
476.Dakota Almas-AlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
477.Dakota Yantarnaya MechtaPLL-clear
478.Dalmira Rosy Yantarnoy KapelkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
479.Damask Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear
480.Dambo Little PrincePLL-carrier
481.Danaya Lilac ParadisePLL-clearPRA-clearDM-carrierHUU-clear
482.Dancando Lambada KraspamirPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
483.Dandy The Gentleman Black De AlmamasanPLL-clear
484.Daniella Angel Dolce Dea AprioriPLL-carrier
485.Danika Star Black PassionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
486.Danika Star BlackberryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
487.Danika Star Blue DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
488.Danika Star Bright FlashPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
489.Danika Star J'ador GagnerPLL-clear b/p
490.Danika Star Jaune D'OrPLL-clear b/p
491.Danika Star LPRA-clear b/p
492.Danika Star Nectar For My SoulPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
493.Danika Star Never Be SadPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
494.Danika Star New Found LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
495.Danika Star NocturnePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
496.Danika Star ZarinaPRA-clear b/p
497.Danika Star ZateynikPRA-clear b/p
498.Daring Rufus Knox Iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
499.Dark Chocolate Iz Chudnoy DolinyPLL-clear b/p
500.Dark Moon Of Crazy DebbiePLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
501.Darkmoon Paradise HermèsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
502.Darling Angel Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
503.Dawn For Mady's LovePRA-clear
504.Day'n'night Freuhartangnormalnormal
505.Dea Dia Mali ZmajPLL-carrierPRA-clear
506.Debless One's Xi'an-MrbigPLL-clear
507.Dee-Dee LiuPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
508.Deimon Divine GiftPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
509.Deja Vu Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
510.Dejavu Fatal GloriaPRA-clear
511.Del Terro Perros Adel' FadoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
512.Del Terro Perros Eva GoldmanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
513.Delicia Almas-AlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
514.Delira Venia Rose Of SilesiaPLL-clear b/p
515.Delux LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
516.Denique Amare Rose Of SilesiaPLL-clear
517.Denley Almas-AlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
518.Denville Ozi Dreams Come TruePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
519.Denville Ozi Je Suis La NuitPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
520.Denville Ozi MultaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
521.Denville Ozi VinsentPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
522.Desired VictoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
523.Devil LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
524.Dexter GojarPLL-clear
525.Deya-Feya Almas-AlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
526.Deyvin For Ognenny Lotos Molosos GratziPLL-clearPRA-clear
527.Dezmond Kiss Of LifePLL-clear
528.Di'or Gran Shou Vanessa MeyPLL-clearPRA-carrier
529.Diablesa Dina AvokaduhPRA-clearnormal
530.Diamanti Della Vita AphroditePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
531.Diamanti Della Vita Best Of The BestPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
532.Diamanti Della Vita Dagmar Sandy BeachPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
533.Diamanti Della Vita DamonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
534.Diamanti Della Vita Dantes The BraveheartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
535.Diamanti Della Vita Dark Side Of The MoonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
536.Diamanti Della Vita Demi MoorePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
537.Diamanti Della Vita Dorian BlackPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
538.Diamanti Della Vita Double StrikePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
539.Diamanti Della Vita LPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
540.Diamanti Della Vita L.PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
541.Diamanti Della Vita Lucent StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
542.Diana Winner Of RingsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
543.Dikaya Orkhideya Black of ChannelPLL-clearPRA-clear
544.Dikii Med Sentyabrya Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
545.Dilonka Almas-AlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
546.Disco Dancer Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
547.Divnyj Angel YasminaPLL-clear
548.Djemanshy HilaryPLL-clearPRA-clear
549.Djenifer StarPLL-clearPRA-clear
550.Dodge Billot Iz Clana TimurlanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
551.Dogland Happy DemetraPLL-carrierPRA-clear
552.Dogland Happy DzhusDM-clear b/p
553.Dolce Vita Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
554.Dolly Dancing Pretty Sweet0/0
555.Donna Bella iz Domika AzaliiPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
556.Donna Rose Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
557.Doris Day Gattacanormal
558.Dragon GojarPLL-clear
559.Dragonland Dark NightPLL-clear
560.Dragotsennaya Kapel'ka Uspeha Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
561.Dragotsennyi Dar Sil'marionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
562.Dragotsennyi Dar Simfonia Avariehl'PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
563.Dragotsennyi Dar SindarinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
564.Dragotsennyi Dar Smile IlitiiriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
565.Dushechka Takaya Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
566.Dushechka Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
567.Dynastia LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
568.Dyzio LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
569.Dzhakonda Ulybka Mony LizyPLL-clearPRA-clear
570.Dzhaz Yarkij BrilliantPLL-clear
571.Dzhunzhara Christy`s DogPRA-clear b/p
572.Eastern Winner Of Pastime ParadisePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
573.Edcullen's Glade Boston LegalPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
574.Edinstvennaya Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
575.Edition Limited Di RaboziPLL-clear b/p
576.Egillo z TeramonuPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0HD-A
577.Einstein MolkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
578.Eklerchik Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
579.Eksklyuziv Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
580.Ekspressiya Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
581.Ekstra Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
582.Ekzotika Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
583.El Djazaira AvokaduhPLL-clearPRA-clear
584.El Libertador - Simon Di China LatinaPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
585.Elance Louange Akira TaroPLL-clear b/p
586.Elance Louange Candy Kisses Daily DelightPLL-clear b/p
587.Elance Louange Cohen DashingPLL-clear b/p
588.Elance Louange Darijo VikoPLL-clear b/p
589.Elance Louange Desteny BonniePLL-clear b/p
590.Elance Louange Donata BlanchePLL-clear b/p
591.Elance Louange Drive-DrivenPLL-clear b/p
592.Elance Louange Format Of DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
593.Elance Louange Hi MigelPLL-clear b/p
594.Elance Louange JacquesPLL-clear b/p
595.Elance Louange JasminePLL-clear b/p
596.Elance Louange Jean AmorPLL-clear b/p
597.Elance Louange Jean-LouisPLL-clear b/p
598.Elance Louange Klod Dressed To The NinesPLL-clear b/p
599.Elance Louange Kylie Déco De FêtePLL-clear b/p
600.Elance Louange No LimitPLL-clear b/p
601.Elance Louange Nuclear EnergyPLL-clear b/p
602.Elance Louange Nuts About YouPLL-clear b/p
603.Elance Louange Nye OdoriPLL-clear b/p
604.Elance Louange Pandora Trace From A KissPLL-clear b/p
605.Elance Louange Paola FerriPLL-clear b/p
606.Elance Louange Pascal SchallerPLL-clear b/p
607.Elance Louange Paulina RubioPLL-clear b/p
608.Elance Louange Praise Me Out LoudPLL-clear b/p
609.Elance Louange Valkyrie VixenPLL-clear b/p
610.Elance Louange Vaylet B'yuti SmaylPLL-clear b/p
611.Elance Louange Veiss Double DreamPLL-clear b/p
612.Elance Louange Via The Queen Of DancePLL-clear b/p
613.Elance Louange Zenith Of FamePLL-clear b/p
614.Elance Louange Zest Of CakePLL-clear b/p
615.Elance Louange ZhaklinPLL-clear b/p
616.Elance Louange ZhansayaPLL-clear b/p
617.Elance Louange ZhardanPLL-clear b/p
618.Elance Louange ZhenesiPLL-clear b/p
619.Elance Louange ZhiganPLL-clear b/p
620.Elance Louange ZhofreyPLL-clear b/p
621.Elance Louange ZhylikPLL-clear b/p
622.Elegancja I Szyk InnowacjaPRA-clear b/p
623.Elena LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
624.Elenline NayadaPLL-carrierPRA-clear0/0
625.Eleonora Bonus WesttaiPLL-clear b/p
626.Elfgrace Valdo VegasPLL-clearPRA-clear
627.ElkasiannaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
628.Elmo LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
629.Elvis LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
630.Elza LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
631.Emu Net Ravnykh Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
632.Enerdgi Di Dom RisortoPLL-clearPRA-clear
633.Energy Di Always HappyPRA-clear b/p
634.Energy Di Art Of BeautyPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
635.Energy Di Black Star Serebryanogo RayaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
636.Energy Di Boogy-WoogyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
637.Enjoy Stark Pretty SweetPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
638.Envy White Keeper of the FlamePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
639.Envy White Key To Your HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
640.Envy White Kiss My LipsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
641.Envy White Oceanic GlowPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
642.Envy White Only YouPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
643.Envy White Orange SunPLL-clearPRA-clear
644.Envy White OrganicaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
645.Envy White Original MixPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
646.Envy White Passionate LadyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
647.Envy White Porcelain DollPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
648.Envy White Precious PepperPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
649.Envy White Pretty WomanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
650.Epifan Bonus WesttaiPLL-clear b/p
651.Erakleia AvokaduhPLL-clearPRA-clear
652.Ergeny Style Zvezda UdachiPLL-carrierPRA-clear
653.Espana ArtagasamazisPLL-clear b/p
654.Est' Takoy Sekret Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
655.Eternal Envy Du Domaine Du PrésidentPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0DM-clear
656.Etno Spirit KaizerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
657.Etno Spirit Katar DivinePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
658.Etty Snezhniy HaerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
659.Eudzhen Oko SarumanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
660.Eugenica Vittoria dell' AmorePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
661.Eugenios Blue BellPLL-clearPRA-clear
662.Evrika Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
663.Evropa Stilnaya ShtuchkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
664.Exotic Spirit Gaily ErinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
665.Exotic Spirit Gigi EponinePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
666.Exotic Spirit Glitter PiperPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
667.Exotic Spirit Glowy SuePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
668.Exotic Spirit Gotcha MiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pnormal
669.Exotic Spirit Guilty LovelyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
670.Exotic Spirit Iberian FuegoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
671.Exotic Spirit Jackito ImperioPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
672.Exotic Spirit Jadelia AzuraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
673.Exotic Spirit Jaguar DarkPLL-clear b/p
674.Exotic Spirit Jaipur StormPLL-clear b/p
675.Exotic Spirit Jarrow VertigoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
676.Exotic Spirit Jentiane RedPLL-clear b/p
677.Exotic Spirit Jepetto InfernoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
678.Exotic Spirit Jilow FashionPLL-clear b/p
679.Exotic Spirit Jinky DinkyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
680.Exotic Spirit Jopium AddictPLL-clear b/p
681.Exotic Spirit Joystick CrazyPLL-clear b/p
682.Exotic Spirit Juicy PhoenixPLL-clear b/p
683.Exotic Spirit Jungle MagicPLL-clear b/p
684.Exotic Spirit Latte Cream CaramelPLL-clear b/p
685.Exotic Spirit Lungo Coffee MilkPLL-clear b/p
686.Exotic Spirit Near To My HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
687.Exotic Spirit Need-A-Pixie-DustPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
688.Exotic Spirit Never Say Never AgainPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
689.Exotic Spirit Next Impact Of LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
690.Exotic Spirit Oakley JawbreakerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
691.Exotic Spirit One Touch Of-ElegancePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
692.Exotic Spirit One Way To Be PerfectPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
693.Exotic Spirit Orna OrganzaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
694.Exotic Spirit Outsider PumpstonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
695.Ezhevichnyy Miks Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
696.Ezhevika Solnechnogo LetaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
697.Fago LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
698.Falco Certova StenaPLL-clearPRA-clear
699.Family Mar`s BamblbiPRA-clear b/p
700.Family Mar`s BogdanaPRA-clear b/p
701.Family Mar`s Brjus VelikolepnyjPRA-clear b/p
702.Family Mar`s Cermiona CreindzherPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
703.Family Mar`s ColubkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
704.Family Mar`s CordeiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
705.Family Mar`s CorlinkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
706.Family Mar`s Cospozha UdachaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
707.Family Mar`s Fialka MonmartraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
708.Family Mar`s FicrojPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
709.Family Mar`s FlamenkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
710.Family Mar`s Igora DrajvPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
711.Family Mar`s Igrayushchaya S VetromPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
712.Family Mar`s Igrivyj GnomPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
713.Family Mar`s Imbirnyj BrendiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
714.Family Mar`s Ispolnjajuschij ZhelanijaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
715.Family Mar`s Izumrudnaja FeechkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
716.Family Mar`s MagnificoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
717.Family Mar`s MartishaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
718.Family Mar`s MatteoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
719.Family Mar`s Ochey OcharovaniePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
720.Family Mar`s Odri TatuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
721.Family Mar`s Optimus PraimPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
722.Family Mar`s United Sexy BoyPRA-clear b/p
723.Fantastik Kashmir Enny Moya MechtaPLL-clearPRA-clear
724.Fantastik Kashmir Estel Santa De SoleilPLL-clearPRA-clear
725.Fantastik Kashmir GendelPLL-clearPRA-clear
726.Fantastik Kashmir GotchaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
727.Fantastik Kashmir Krau FrauPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
728.Fantastik Kashmir Lovely LadyPLL-clearPRA-carrier
729.Fantastik Kashmir Maggy Spacenormal
730.Fantastik Kashmir Orero Rok and RollPLL-clearPRA-clear
731.Fantastik Kashmir Paskal' Mistikal BoyPLL-clearPRA-clear
732.Fantastik Kashmir RaviPLL-clearPRA-clear
733.Fantastik Kashmir Shah SharmanPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
734.Fantastik Kashmir Sharl At Ergeny StylePRA-clear b/p
735.Fantastik Kashmir Shato ShobinePRA-clear b/p
736.Fantastik Kashmir Shella ShowPRA-clear b/p
737.Fantastik Kashmir Uilsy KeoraPLL-clearPRA-clear
738.Fantastik Kashmir Yanson N'co StylePLL-clearPRA-clear
739.Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin PremiumPLL-clearPRA-clear
740.Favorit Iz Sozvezdiya PsovPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
741.Favoritka dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
742.Favoritka Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
743.Favourite Of My HeartPLL-affectedPRA-clear
744.Feldeiso LangfossPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
745.Feldeiso Legal TemptationPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
746.Feldeiso Lion HeartPLL-clear b/p
747.Feldeiso LohengrinPLL-clear b/p
748.Feldeiso LollipopPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
749.Feldeiso Lorelei Moment Of GloryPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
750.Feldeiso Love FavorPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
751.Female hairlessPLL-clear b/p
752.Female powderpuffPLL-clear b/p
753.Fernet Branca GattacaPLL-clear
754.Fevy's Fanatic FreakPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
755.Fevy's Fancy FionaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pnormal0/0
756.Fevy's TaichiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
757.Fevy's TaishanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
758.Fevy's TalismanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
759.Fevy's TantraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p0/0DM-clear b/p
760.Fevy's TaoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
761.Fiery Fame AchillPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
762.Fiery Fame AmurPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
763.Fiery Fame ArtemidePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
764.Fiery Fame AttisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
765.Fiery Fame Be My PridePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
766.Fiery Fame Believe In VictoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
767.Fiery Fame Berry FavoritePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
768.Fiery Fame Best ReflectionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
769.Fiery Fame Born The Wind For Sky MiraclePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
770.Fiery Fame Bright Copy Of LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
771.Fiery Fame Brilliance DelightPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
772.Fiery Fame Bully For YouPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
773.Fiery Fame Burn With DesirePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
774.Fiery Fame Cardinal RichelieuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
775.Fiery Fame Crown PrincePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
776.Fiery Fame Da BombPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
777.Fiery Fame De KutuzoffPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
778.Fiery Fame Di-ShandiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
779.Fiery Fame Double SpotPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
780.Fiery Fame Dreams Teddy BearPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
781.Fiery Fame EmilyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
782.Fiery Fame EminemPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
783.Fiery Fame EmirPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
784.Fiery Fame EvlampiyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
785.Fiery Fame EywaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
786.Fiery Fame FireCracker FortunePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
787.Fiery Fame Flight Of FancyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
788.Fiery Fame Galaxy Star DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
789.Fiery Fame Get To Know SamirPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
790.Fiery Fame Glaring As A ButterflyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
791.Fiery Fame Golden Victory QuincyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
792.Fiery Fame Good Luck Note BenePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
793.Fiery Fame Great Power In Style GivenchyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
794.Fiery Fame Half Of My SoulPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
795.Fiery Fame Happy SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
796.Fiery Fame Hero Of My HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
797.Fiery Fame Hot Chilli PepperPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
798.Fiery Fame Hurricane Of EmotionsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
799.Fiery Fame I-Yves Saint LaurentPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
800.Fiery Fame Ideal MadePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
801.Fiery Fame Illegally BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
802.Fiery Fame Impossible SuccessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
803.Fiery Fame Irreal MagicPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
804.Fiery Fame Irvin Van CleeffPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
805.Fiery Fame Jewel Of My KindPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
806.Fiery Fame Joy Of LifePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
807.Fiery Fame Jubilant BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
808.Fiery Fame JumanjiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
809.Fiery Fame Ka-LipsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
810.Fiery Fame KaifPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
811.Fiery Fame KapuchinoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
812.Fiery Fame Kiss-ManiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
813.Fiery Fame Kurazh DonnaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
814.Fiery Fame La Pin UpPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
815.Fiery Fame Lady #1PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
816.Fiery Fame LollipopPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
817.Fiery Fame Look & EnvyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
818.Fiery Fame Magic SunPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
819.Fiery Fame Mai TaiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
820.Fiery Fame MargaretPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
821.Fiery Fame MarshmallowPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
822.Fiery Fame MaximusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
823.Fiery Fame MissPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
824.Fiery Fame Mister XPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
825.Fiery Fame Mystic GirlPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
826.Fiery Fame Olimpic PatronPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
827.Fiery Fame OvationPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
828.Fiery Fame QuattroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
829.Fiery Fame Solo MiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
830.Fiery Fame SweetheartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
831.Figo LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
832.Filippo Vittoria Dell AmorePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
833.First Kiss Astarte GoldPLL-clearPRA-clear
834.Florence ArtagasamazisPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
835.Florida ArtagasamazisPLL-carrier
836.Foresto Super CiapkiPLL-clear b/p
837.Fortuna I Favn GivenchyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
838.Fortuna I Favn J'ador DiorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
839.Fortuna I Favn Jerome Flayfi LegendsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
840.Fortuna I Favn JojobaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
841.Franca LunabaluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
842.Fraszka z Gangu LysychPRA-clearnormalnormal
843.Frendor's Douce et bellePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
844.Frendor's Power PointPLL-carrierPRA-clear
845.Frimousse du Coeur des TénèbresPLL-clearnormal0/0
846.Frukt Eshche Tot dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
847.Fundoklia-Volgyi Kaszanics Hanky-PankyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
848.Fundoklia-Volgyi Kaszanics Lancaster0/0
849.Funt Sterlingov dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
850.Funt Sterlingov Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
851.Fyre when ready de GabriThoPLL-clearPRA-clear
852.Gabe Garden RosesPLL-clearPRA-clear
853.Gabriela iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
854.Gaja Super CiapkiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
855.Galatea iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
856.Gallaktik Demir Zayka ChocoladnayaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clearHUU-clear
857.Gallurius Bask In LovePLL-clearPRA-clear
858.Gallurius Blossom In The SkyPLL-clearPRA-clear
859.Gallurius Coffe BreakPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
860.Gallurius Elana ElegantPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
861.Gallurius Euro Dollar Money-MoneyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
862.Gallurius Eva SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
863.Gallurius Ezhy Son Of RaviPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
864.Gallurius Infanta Marie AntoinettePLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
865.Gallurius King Of LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
866.Gallurius Kiss PrincessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
867.Gallurius Koritsa SugarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
868.Gallurius Leader ForeverPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
869.Gallurius Let Me Love YouPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
870.Gallurius Parizhskaya KoketkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
871.Gallurius Pearl Of The Black SeaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
872.Gallurius Prima DonnaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
873.Gallurius Purple HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
874.Gallurius Yes Lucky LordPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
875.Gallurius Zenga Zengana BerryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
876.Gallurius Zingaro CasanovaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
877.Gallurius Zip Golden ArrowPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
878.Gallurius Zulu Black Ice PrincessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
879.Galmad Star Absolut Men Bruno BananiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
880.Galmad Star Allure ChanelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
881.Galmad Star Amur KenzoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
882.Galmad Star Arabeska MalikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
883.Galmad Star Armani Prive RosePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
884.Galser Party MakerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
885.Galser Peach Blossom For Lorita StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
886.Galser Perseus Grand ShowmanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
887.Galser Pervyy PrizPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
888.Galser Praline RosePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
889.Galser Primadonna Jewel CollectionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
890.Galser Princess LeiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
891.Gambit iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
892.Gardi GayarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
893.Gardine Break A LegendPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
894.Gaspar Exotic WorldPLL-carrier
895.Gawaiian Samba dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
896.Geneva Bluz Iz Domika AzaliiPLL-clearPRA-clear
897.Gerda Z Kamilova DvoraPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
898.Ghostmar's Dancing On A Starnormal
899.Gigolo King Eve-Blernormal
900.Gladiator Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
901.Glaphyra Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
902.Glenkinchie Gaitana Iz Vishnyovogo SadaPLL-clear b/p
903.Gloria Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
904.Go-GoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pnormal
905.Gold Digger GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
906.Golden Diamond Cresteds CantrellaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
907.Golden Diamond Cresteds ChristiannePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
908.Golden Diamond Cresteds HowdygirlPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
909.Golden Diamond Cresteds LiliannePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
910.Golden Diamond Cresteds LoveladyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
911.Golden Diamond Cresteds TannehillPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
912.Golden Dream Winning SmilePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
913.Golden Is Life SherelenPLL-clearPRA-clear
914.Golden Is Life SherilinPLL-clearPRA-clear
915.Goldi Super CiapkiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
916.Gollend Karamelja Nejnaja RadostPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
917.Gollend Karamelya Nezhnaya RadostPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
918.Gollend Karisma Medovaia RosaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
919.Gollend Kelula Chernaja JemchujinkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
920.Gollend Kermilla Shocoladnoe PjatnishkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
921.Gollend Kinsey Solnechnij UjaninPLL-clearPRA-clear
922.Golubushka Moya dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
923.Gotika Ksolo Club iz Zelenoy RoshiPLL-clearPRA-clear
924.Goto Predestinatsiya AmidalaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
925.Goto Predestinatsiya Ar'ya StarkPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
926.Goto Predestinatsiya AragornPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
927.Goto Predestinatsiya AsteriksPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
928.Goto Predestinatsiya AvatarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
929.Goto Predestinatsiya AyraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
930.Goto Predestinatsiya AzaliyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
931.Grace Avery GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
932.Gracia Bonarda GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
933.Gracia Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
934.Gracieux Actions Speak LouderPLL-carriernormal
935.Gran Amigo ZhasminPLL-carrierPRA-clear
936.Grand Marnier Iz Vishnyovogo SadaPLL-clear b/p
937.Grand Passage AdonisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
938.Grand Passage AfroditaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
939.Grand Passage AlbusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
940.Grand Passage AngelochekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
941.Grand Passage ArgosPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
942.Grand Passage ArianaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
943.Grand Passage AvroraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
944.Grand Passage BacardiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
945.Grand Passage BagiraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
946.Grand Passage BastaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
947.Grand Passage BastionaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
948.Grand Passage BeethovenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
949.Grand Passage BenderPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
950.Grand Passage BinelliPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
951.Grand Passage CarmelitaDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
952.Grand Passage CleopatraDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
953.Grand Passage CrassusDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
954.Grand Passage ValegroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p>15mm/min – normal0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
955.Grand Passage VilmontPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
956.Grand Passage VincentPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
957.Grand Romantic Zeffirelli’s V ChocoladePRA-clear b/p
958.Grand Romantik DaimondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
959.Grand Romantik DambldorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
960.Grand Romantik DesmondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
961.Grand Romantik DiademaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
962.Grand Romantik Din-DinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
963.Grand Romantik GedaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
964.Grand Romantik JewelsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
965.Grand Romantik JudyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
966.Grand Romantik JuellaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
967.Grand Romantiq AleksandritPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
968.Grand Romantiq AnjeyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
969.Grand Romantiq AvanturaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
970.Grand Romantiq AvionikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
971.Grand Romantiq Vesta VirdjiniyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
972.Grand Romantiq VishnuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
973.Grand Romantiq Voitelnitsa ValkiryaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
974.Grand Sanlayf HappinessPLL-clear b/p
975.Grand Sanlayf HarismaPLL-clear b/p
976.Grand Show Darlayn ViaanPLL-carrierPRA-clear
977.Grand Show Louis VyutonPRA-clear b/p
978.Grand Show Zealous My Kissi KissPRA-clear b/p
979.Grand Sunlife AlpenlibePLL-carrierPRA-clear
980.Grand Sunlife Konstans KjantiPLL-carrierPRA-clear
981.Grand Sunlife Queen GracePLL-clearPRA-clear
982.Great Expectations HeybettPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
983.Grégory Des Fils Du RugbyPLL-clearPRA-clear
984.Gremlinto Be On TopPLL-carrierPRA-clear
985.Greza RomantikiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
986.Grymasny Wielbiciel InnowacjaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pnormal
987.Gucci Rush GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
988.Hana Exotic WorldPLL-clear
989.Harley Cool LadyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
990.Havana Sunset Gattaca SensiamorePRA-clear b/p
991.Hibay CiceroPRA-clear b/p
992.Hibay NeroPRA-clear b/p
993.Hojrak Z Krolestwa AghartiPLL-clearPRA-clear
994.Honey Gold Gattaca SensiamorePRA-clear b/p
995.Hugo Boss Gattaca SensiamorePLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
996.Ideal Beauty Of An AngelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
997.Ideya Fiks Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
998.Igniz Tenera RomashkaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
999.Ilory Fantastik Kashmir Flame IiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1000.Ilory Innocent LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1001.Ilory Kiss Me SweetPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1002.Ilory Lasting ImpressionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1003.Ilory Mafanikio MilelePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1004.Ilory Nike AlmightyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1005.Imidzh dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1006.Imperatorskiy Kapriz Las VegasPLL-clearPRA-clear
1007.Impressive Rimini Plysovy PritelPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p0/0DM-clear
1008.Inari Kin Absinthe MaktubPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1009.Inari Kin Amaretto Di VeronaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1010.Inari Kin Armagnac Chabot VintagePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1011.Inari Kin Celebration Of HeartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1012.Inari Kin Celebrity FlaffyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1013.Inari Kin Celestial DragonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1014.Inari Kin Cinder Of SoulPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1015.Incanto Del Mondo AchillesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1016.Incanto Del Mondo AfinaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1017.Incanto Del Mondo AnteyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1018.Incanto Del Mondo ApollonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1019.Incanto Del Mondo AriadnaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1020.Incanto Del Mondo ArionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1021.Incanto Del Mondo AuraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1022.Incanto Del Mondo AvroraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1023.Incanto Del Mondo Challenge To EveryonePRA-clear b/p
1024.Incanto Del Mondo Choice OnePLL-clear
1025.Incanto Del Mondo Elisey KorolevichPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1026.Incanto Del Mondo EniseiyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1027.Incanto Del Mondo ErmakPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
1028.Incanto Del Mondo Eva One And OnlyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1029.Incanto Del Mondo Evgeniy OneginPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1030.Incanto Del Mondo InchPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clearHUU-clear
1031.Incanto Del Mondo JacquelinePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1032.Incanto Del Mondo Je T'aimePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1033.Incanto Del Mondo Jean-PaulPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1034.Incanto Del Mondo JeoffreyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1035.Incanto Del Mondo JoliPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1036.Incanto Del Mondo JuliettePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1037.Incanto Del Mondo New Way High FidelityPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1038.Incanto Del Mondo Night StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1039.Incanto Del Mondo Novel About FriendshipPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1040.Incanto Del Mondo Number OnePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1041.Incanto Del Mondo PixelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1042.Incanto Del Mondo ZenitPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1043.Incanto Del Mondo ZeusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1044.Incanto Del Mondo ZidanePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1045.Incantodelmondo Kiy To FortunePLL-carrier
1046.Indigo BattlePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1048.Infinity Charm For Oro AntenatiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1049.Ingrus Givenchy UltramarinPRA-clear b/p0/0normal
1050.Ingrus Griliazh V ShokoladePLL-clearPRA-clearnormalDM-clear
1051.Ingrus Jasmine Avalanchenormal
1052.Ingrus Jean Paul GaultierPRA-clear b/p
1053.Ingrus Jeneve's VioletPLL-carrierPRA-clearnormal
1054.Ingrus Jule VernPRA-clear b/p
1055.Ingrus Sherlok HolmsPLL-carrierPRA-clearnormal0/0
1056.Ingrus Tsaritsa ElenaPRA-clearnormal
1057.Innamorato Pazzo Per TePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1058.Ins Lucky Star HarismaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1059.Ins Lucky Star Nieceberry TouchPLL-carrier
1060.Ins Lucky Star Nota BenePLL-clear
1061.Intriga Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1062.Invisible Charm GattacaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1063.Inya Dreams OmgPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1064.Irgen Gold AfricaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1065.Irgen Gold Alicia SilverstonePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1066.Irgen Gold AristokratPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1067.Irgen Gold AssangePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1068.Irgen Gold AstoriaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1069.Irgen Gold Gus HiddinkPLL-affectedPRA-clear
1070.Irgen Gold Prada PompezaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1071.Irgen Gold Samanta FoksPLL-carrier
1072.Irgen Gold Solveig Ognenny LotosPLL-clear
1073.Irgen Gold Sonia RykielPLL-clearPRA-clear
1074.Irgen Gold Stanley KubrickPLL-clear b/p
1075.Irgen Gold Twist Dancer BabyPLL-carrier
1076.Irgen Gold Ulan GuerlainPLL-clearPRA-clear
1077.Irgen Gold Vera WangPLL-clearPRA-clear
1078.Irgen Gold Zanni ChiaraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1079.Irgen Gold Zaza GaborPLL-clearPRA-clear
1080.Irgen Gold Zemelodi of SpringPLL-clearPRA-clear
1081.Irida Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1082.Iridium Star Abigail CharmingPLL-clear b/p
1083.Iridium Star Albireo LovelyPLL-clear b/p
1084.Iridium Star Alena HavenPLL-clear b/p
1085.Iridium Star Amaterasu DonkePLL-clear b/p
1086.Iridium Star Amelia PrattiPLL-clear b/p
1087.Iridium Star Angel StarPLL-clear b/p
1088.Iridium Star Aurum GoldPLL-clear b/p
1089.Iridium Star Aysel ExcelentPLL-clear b/p
1090.Iridium Star Azalea MagicPLL-clear b/p
1091.Iridium Star BlairPLL-clear b/p
1092.Iridium Star Paradise For LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1093.Iridium Star Paris StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1094.Iridium Star Patricia Black BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1095.Iridium Star Platinum PearlPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1096.Iridium Star Princess PixyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1097.Iridium Star Proud KnightPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1098.Iroslava di KaprioPLL-clear
1099.Irresistible Iskra Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1100.Ish' ty kakaya dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1101.Istoma LyubviPLL-clearPRA-clear
1102.Ithaqua Molkanormal0/0
1103.Izabel Crystals A Great WinnerPLL-clear b/p
1104.Izabel Crystals Absolut PowerPLL-clear b/p
1105.Izabel Crystals Adrian ChampionPLL-clearPRA-clear
1106.Izabel Crystals GaroldPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1107.Izabel Crystals GertrudePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1108.Izabel Crystals GloriaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1109.Izabel Crystals GlyceriaPLL-clear b/p
1110.Izabel Crystals GoldiePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1111.Izabel Crystals IbizaPLL-clear b/p
1112.Izabel Crystals Il De StarPLL-clear b/p
1113.Izabel Crystals In My HeartsPLL-clear b/p
1114.Izabel Crystals InfinitiPLL-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
1115.Izabel Crystals It's My LifePLL-clear b/p
1116.Izabel Crystals Itsed DiamondPLL-clear b/p
1117.Izabel Crystals MarsPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1118.Izabel Crystals MayyaPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1119.Izabel Crystals MedeaPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1120.Izabel Crystals MelvinPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1121.Izabel Crystals MilonPLL-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1122.Izabel Crystals PandoraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1123.Izabel Crystals PegasPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
1124.Izabel Crystals PeleyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1125.Izabel Crystals PenelopaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-carrierHUU-clear
1126.Izabel Crystals PersephonePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1127.Izabel Crystals PerseyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1128.Izabel Crystals SamuelDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1129.Izabel Crystals SaymonDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1130.Izabel Crystals SebastianDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1131.Izabel Crystals SelenaDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1132.Izabel Crystals SerenaDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1133.Izabel Crystals SolomonDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1134.Izabel Crystals TiffanyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1135.Izabel Krilya AngelaPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalDM-clear
1136.Izumrudinka ot LirisPLL-clearPRA-clear
1137.Jacomo Silence GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1138.Jakaranda Delta NeviPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1139.Jamaica Queen GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1140.Janita Lovely QueenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1141.Janychar Great Warrior For Oro AntenatiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1142.Jarvin White KingPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1143.Jasmin Noir GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1144.Jean Paul Iz Serebryanogo RayaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear
1145.Jelly Kiss GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1146.Jewels Get CloserPLL-clearnormal0/0
1147.Jewels Sweet SensationPLL-clearPRA-clear
1148.Jimmy Choo GattacaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1149.Joster Daurs BlekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1150.Jour De Chance Des Diamants ImpériauxPLL-clearPRA-clear
1151.Juanolloa Auranta TangerainPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1152.Judith Z Jasne HvezdyPRA-clear
1153.Jumelleya Rossi VaitPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1154.Junona Mali ZmajPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1155.Kahlua Trifle GattacaPLL-clear b/p
1156.Kai Von ShinbashiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1157.Kaiser Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1158.Kamila Chokolat KlaudPLL-carrierPRA-clearDM-clear
1159.Kamilla Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1160.Kamrat Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1161.Kapri Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1162.Karakush Baring It All For ArtPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0normalDM-clearHUU-clear
1163.Karakush Nothing Up My Sleevenormal0/0
1164.Karamelka Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1165.Karat Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1166.Karmel Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1167.Karnelius Yantarnaya FeyaPLL-carrierPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal
1168.Kaysi KickPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1169.Kendi Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1170.Kharizma Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1171.Khed Khanter Prem'er Mari Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1172.Khoroshka Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1173.Khrizantema Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1174.Khvastun'ya Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1175.Kihosomu BossPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1176.Kihosomu Djeims BondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1177.Kihosomu Djek VorobeiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1178.Kihosomu Valeri PippinPLL-clearPRA-clear
1179.Killer Queen GattacaPLL-clear b/p
1180.Kimora Lee GattacaPLL-clear b/p
1181.Kirys Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1182.Kiss Me Top Model De RamaPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
1183.Kiss Nasza SforaPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal0/0HD-Anormal
1184.Kitayskiy Potseluy MagicPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1185.Kitayskiy Potseluy MeysonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1186.Kliwia VivariumPLL-carrierPRA-clear0/0
1187.Klukva V Sahare>15mm/min – normal
1188.Koral Z KozuszekPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1189.Kovimoti Karbonelli Giovanni TadeusPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1190.Kranar Edgar Activ ElementPRA-clear b/p
1191.Kranar Edward Royal CharmPRA-clear b/p
1192.Kranar Elvis PepperPLL-clearPRA-clear
1193.Kranar Ember MistPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1194.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1195.Kranar Erika Show QueenPRA-clear b/p
1196.Kranar Erika Show QueenPRA-clear b/p
1197.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1198.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1199.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1200.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1201.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1202.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1203.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1204.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1205.Kranar Erika Show Queen
1206.Kranar Esse FeminaPRA-clear b/p
1207.Kranar Ex RiderPRA-clear b/p
1208.Kranar Fan The FlamePLL-clearPRA-clear
1209.Kranar Faust PatronPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1210.Kranar I Am Your PridePLL-clearPRA-clear
1211.Kranar It's My DelightPRA-clear0/0
1212.Krasotka Star Jackson MichaelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1213.Krasotka Star Jacky OnasisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1214.Krasotka Star Jennifer LopezPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1215.Krasotka Star JinkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1216.Krasotka Star JuliettePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1217.Krasotka Star Jungle Night BonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1218.Krasotka Star Just SomethingPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1219.Kredo Festa Belle Of The BallPLL-clearPRA-clear
1220.Kredo Festa Moment Of GloryPLL-clearPRA-clear
1221.Kredo Festa UnicumPLL-clearPRA-clear
1222.Kristal Yaniry Gem Of The Jungle SapphirePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1223.Kristal Yaniry Gogibus PearlPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1224.Kristal Yaniry Golden Tiffani AdamantPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1225.Kristal Yaniry Graff Pink DiamondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1226.Kristal Yaniry NeroPLL-clearPRA-clear
1227.Ksiezniczka Madeleine SealsaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1228.Ksolo Club GefestPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1229.Ksolo Club LapushPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
1230.Ksolo Club YukkaPLL-clear
1231.Ksolo Club ZabavaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1232.Ksolo Club Zefir V ShokoladePLL-clearPRA-clear
1233.Kymco Maxxer GattacaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1234.L'Pasodoble Golden DiamondPRA-clearnormal0/0
1235.La Lalend Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1236.Laisa iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1237.Laisan Island AlatarDM-clear b/p
1238.Laisan Island AnarionPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear b/p
1239.Laisan Island AncalagonDM-clear b/p
1240.Laisan Island AragornDM-clear b/p
1241.Laisan Island AredhelDM-clear b/p
1242.Laisan Island ArwenPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear b/p
1243.Laisan Island Black DiamondPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1244.Laisan Island KleopatraPLL-carrierPRA-clearDM-clear
1245.Laisan Island KristianPRA-clearDM-clear
1246.Laisan Island Made In RussiaPRA-clear b/p
1247.Laisan Island My Kiss Of FortunePRA-clear b/p
1248.Laisan Island My Name Is VictoryPRA-clear b/p
1249.Lanart Campari Ksolo ClubPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1250.Landkris MangoPLL-clearPRA-clear
1251.Latisa Rugen MikoPRA-clear
1252.Lavazza Super CiapkiPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
1253.Lavr iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1254.Lawrence iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1255.Legenda iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1256.Legenda OziPLL-clearPRA-clear
1257.Legends Git R DonePLL-clearPRA-clear
1258.Legends Johnny RingoPLL-clearPRA-clear
1259.Legends Love The PaparazziPLL-clearPRA-clear
1260.Legends Top GunPRA-clear b/p
1261.Legion of Dream Dancing NightPLL-clearPRA-clear
1262.Legion Of Dream Flash Of FirePLL-clear
1263.Legion of Dream Rain DropsPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1264.Leksa Gypsy Queen For Oro AntenatiPRA-clear0/1DM-carrierHUU-clear
1265.Lemiz My Dragon Moon LadyPRA-clear
1266.Lemiz The Celebrity N'co PRA-clear
1268.Lexus Exotic WorldPLL-carrier
1269.Li-KaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1270.Li-LeyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1271.Li-LeyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1272.Li-LuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1273.Li-Usi L'yuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1274.Liastris JenevaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1275.Liastris TiaraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1276.Liberty Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1277.Licky Lips AxelPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1278.Lina's Beauty Hanley AnriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1279.Linda z Jasne HvezdyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1280.Lionel Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1281.Little Dog Of Dream In Love With YouPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
1282.Little Joy In Love EclipsePLL-clearPRA-clear
1283.Little Prince O'vamosPLL-clear b/pPRA-clearnormal0/0
1284.Ljubima Vsemi Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1285.Lorita Star AdrenalinePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1286.Lorita Star AnabellaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1287.Lorita Star ArabicaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1288.Lorita Star ArlekinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1289.Lorita Star AzartPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1290.Lorita Star Bogatyy NaslednikPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1291.Lorita Star Bozhestvennyy PodarokPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1292.Lorita Star Eager For FamePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1293.Lorita Star Elle SvevaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1294.Lorita Star Empire Of PassionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1295.Lorita Star Endless CharmPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1296.Lorita Star Energy SurgePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1297.Lorita Star Enviable ChevalierPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1298.Lorita Star Eye CandyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1299.Lorita Star Glamurnyy MachoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1300.Lorita Star Glavnyy GeroyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1301.Lorita Star Golubaya MechtaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1302.Lorita Star Gordyy GrafPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1303.Lorita Star Gospozha UdachaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1304.Lorita Star Gromkiy UspekhPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1305.Lorita Star Kapriz UdachiDM-clear b/p
1306.Lorita Star Karamel'nyy DesertDM-clear b/p
1307.Lorita Star Klassika ZhanraDM-clear b/p
1308.Lorita Star Klyatva VernostiDM-clear b/p
1309.Lorita Star Korolevskiy NaslednikDM-clear b/p
1310.Lorita Star Magicheskaya LelyaDM-clear b/p
1311.Lorita Star Malen'kaya NimfaDM-clear b/p
1312.Lorita Star Manyashchaya GratsiyaDM-clear b/p
1313.Lorita Star Milaya FreyaDM-clear b/p
1314.Lorita Star Ocharovatel'naya LediDM-clear b/p
1315.Lorita Star Ogon' LyubviDM-clear b/p
1316.Lorita Star Orfey Povelitel' MuzykiDM-clear b/p
1317.Lorita Star Organza Volshebnoe KruzhevoDM-clear b/p
1318.Lorita Star P'yanyashchiy AromatDM-clear b/p
1319.Lorita Star Pervyy PotseluyDM-clear b/p
1320.Lorita Star Veshchiy SonPLL-clear
1321.Lorita Star Zagadochnyy PrintsDM-clear b/p
1322.Lorita Star Zazhigatel'naya MelodiyaDM-clear b/p
1323.Lorita Star Zharkaya Noch'PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1324.Lorita Star Zhasminovyy AromatPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1325.Lorita Star Zhelannyy KavalerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1326.Lorita Star Zhemchuzhnyy OberegPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1327.Lorita Star Zhenskiy KaprizPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1328.Lorita Star Zhguchiy PotseluyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1329.Lorita Star Zhritsa LyubviPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1330.Lorita Star Zvezdnaya Noch'DM-clear b/p
1331.Lovemagic Maximus DominusPLL-clear b/p
1332.Lovemagic MichelangeloPLL-clear b/p
1333.LoveMagic Mistress of Fortune at Envy WhitePLL-clear b/p
1334.Luksorius Ki KiPLL-clearPRA-clear
1335.Luksorius Ledi BlackPLL-clearPRA-clear
1336.Luksorius Neo Mistik EngelPLL-clearPRA-clear
1337.Luksorius TzesomPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1338.Luksorius Yagodnij SirophikPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1339.Luna GrzywkomaniaPLL-carrierPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal0/0
1340.Luniks Stail Allison StokkePLL-clear b/p
1341.Luniks Stail Amalia KayPLL-clear b/p
1342.Luniks Stail Anastacia CatherinePLL-clear b/p
1343.Luniks Stail Angel RosePLL-clear b/p
1344.Luniks Stail Bella SwanPLL-clear b/p
1345.Luniks Stail Ben AffleckPLL-clear b/p
1346.Luniks Stail Bob MarleyPLL-clear b/p
1347.Luniks Stail Bobby JonesPLL-clear b/p
1348.Luniks Stail California DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1349.Luniks Stail DaisyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1350.Luniks Stail DogmaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1351.Luniks Stail G.....PLL-clear b/p
1352.Luniks Stail GalateaPLL-clear b/p
1353.Luniks Stail Goodbye America.PLL-clear b/p
1354.Luniks Stail Vivienne WestwwodPLL-clear
1355.Lustrous KlementinaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1356.Lustrous KleopatraPRA-clear b/p
1357.Lustrous KorneliyaPRA-clear b/p
1358.MPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1359.Ma-Divia Bonus WesttaiPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1360.Magic Of Success Baby DollPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1361.Magic of Success Be HappyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1362.Magic of Success Beati PossidentesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1363.Magic of Success Bella VitaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1364.Magic of Success BerenicePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1365.Magic of Success Big TimePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1366.Magic of Success Blooming FlowerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1367.Magic of Success Each Time BestPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1368.Magic of Success Eastern MysteryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1369.Magic of Success Eclair Luxury NetPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1370.Magic Of Success Elegant StylePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1371.Magic of Success Emerald Gold FusedPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1372.Magic of Success Emily Early BirdPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1373.Magic Of Success Etolies BrillentPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1374.Magic of Success Exalted ChoicePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1375.Magic Of Success Flame Of My HeartPLL-clear
1376.Magic Of Success In Love AgainPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1377.Magic of Success It's All About MePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1378.Magic Of Success Jack HummerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1379.Magic Of Success Janie Sha DenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1380.Magic of Success Jasmine East SharmPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1381.Magic of Success Juicy PeachPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1382.Magic Of Success Just WinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1383.Magic of Success Lead To WinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1384.Magic of Success Linden BlossomPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1385.Magic of Success Medea Sun's DaughterPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1386.Magic of Success Melissa CrowePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1387.Magic of Success Midnight StylePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1388.Magic of Success QuangoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1389.Magic of Success QueenyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1390.Magic of Success QuincyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1391.Magic of Success QuintonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1392.Magic of Success Star DreamPLL-clearPRA-clear
1393.Magic of Success Sweet HoneyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1394.Magic of Success Word DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1395.Magnus Staff AnaisPLL-clearPRA-clear
1396.Maisha Arcanum MosaicPLL-clear b/p
1397.Majestas Mali ZmajPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1398.Majestic Fire By Oro AntenatiPLL-clear b/p
1399.Malibu SulimerPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0normal
1400.Mano Ponis Amazing D'ArtagnanPRA-clear b/p
1401.Mano Ponis AramisPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1402.Mano Ponis Arrogant PorthosPRA-clear b/p
1403.Mano Ponis Athos Endless KissPRA-clear b/p
1404.Mano Ponis BelcantaPRA-clear b/p
1405.Mano Ponis BelmontoPRA-clear b/p
1406.Mano Ponis BermudaPRA-clear b/p
1407.Mano Ponis BremertonPRA-clear b/p
1408.Mano Ponis Cascado PRA-clear b/p
1409.Mano Ponis CercadoPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1410.Mano Ponis CoridaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1411.Mano Ponis CowbojPRA-clear b/p
1412.Mano Ponis CrockettPRA-clear b/p
1413.Mano Ponis CunamisPRA-clear b/p
1414.Mano Ponis DelanoPRA-clear b/p
1415.Mano Ponis DelfiPRA-clear b/p
1416.Mano Ponis DraivasPRA-clear b/p
1417.Mano Ponis ElbrusasPRA-clear b/p
1418.Mano Ponis EldoradasPRA-clear b/p
1419.Mano Ponis ElegantaPRA-clear b/p
1420.Mano Ponis EufratasPRA-clear b/p
1421.Mano Ponis FejerverkasPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
1422.Mano Ponis IdilijaPRA-clear b/p
1423.Mano Ponis IliuminacijaPRA-clear b/p
1424.Mano Ponis IliuzijaPRA-clear b/p
1425.Mano Ponis ImprezijaPRA-clear b/p
1426.Mano Ponis ManillaPRA-clear b/pnormal0/0
1427.Mano Ponis MercadoPRA-clear b/p
1428.Mano Ponis MilandoPRA-clear b/p
1429.Mano Ponis Millington From Golden DiamondPRA-clear b/p
1430.Marbels Tage At Rosen's SomPLL-clearPRA-clear
1431.Marika Honey FantasyPLL-clear b/p
1432.Marydance Cezary Valley RosePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1433.Mashama Mazi Rus Heri ShupaaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1434.Mashama Mazi Rus Ukengee Grand PassagePLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clearHUU-clear
1435.Maximus Mali ZmajPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1436.Metaxa Sua SpontePLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1437.Mhalhi's Feeling GreatPLL-clearPRA-clear
1438.MilisentaPRA-clear b/p
1439.Milisenta BatlerPLL-clearPRA-clear
1440.Milisenta BountyPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1441.Milisenta BrendaPLL-carrier
1442.Milisenta CappuccinoPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1443.Milisenta Ee VelichestvoPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1444.Milisenta EseniyaPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1445.Milisenta EsminaPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1446.Milisenta EvaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1447.Milisenta IdalgoPLL-carrier
1448.Milisenta IndigoPLL-clear
1449.Milisenta JadorPLL-clear
1450.Milisenta LemisonPRA-clear b/p
1451.Milisenta LeonsiyaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1452.Milisenta MalikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1453.Milisenta MalvinaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1454.Milisenta Marvin Bi-Lav PlusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1455.Milisenta MarzipanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1456.Milisenta Melani At L'essence De Mon ToutPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1457.Milisenta MeliotPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1458.Milisenta New DreamPLL-clear
1459.Milisenta OPRA-clear b/p
1460.Milisenta Only YouPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1461.Milisenta PlayboyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1462.Milisenta Polar StarPLL-clear b/p
1463.Milisenta RomantikPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1464.Milisenta RomashkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1465.Milisenta SonataPRA-clear b/p
1466.Milisenta SuitePRA-clear b/p
1467.Milisenta SymphonyPRA-clear b/p
1468.Milisenta YPRA-clear b/p
1469.Milisenta YyPRA-clear b/p
1470.Milisenta Zagadochnaya DamaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1471.Milisenta Zavetnaya MechtaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1472.Milisenta Znatnaya OsobaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-carrier
1473.Milisenta Zolotaya KrasotkaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1474.Milisenta Zvezdnaya LediPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1475.Millenium Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1476.Mimi Dog Doll JamicaPLL-carrier
1477.Mimi My Little StarPLL-clear b/p
1478.Mirabel' White Squirrel for ZholeskPLL-clearPRA-clear
1479.Miranda Koroleva BalaPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1480.Mirinda Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1481.Mk,jPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1482.Mohawk Atomic AngelPRA-clear
1483.Mohawk Monster MashPRA-clear
1484.Molosos Gratzi ZahirahPLL-clearPRA-clear
1485.Moment Of Glory AltairPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1486.Moment Of Glory Amarige LandkrisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1487.Moment Of Glory Anna LiviaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1488.Moment Of Glory AyanamiPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
1489.Moment Of Glory Golden JubileePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
1490.Moment Of Glory Victoria Fall'sPLL-carrier
1491.Mona LizaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1492.Montana Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1493.Montegro Terri Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPLL-clear b/p
1494.Montezuma Lady MigotkaPRA-clear
1495.Moon Gift FavoritPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1496.Moon Gift Firmennaj ShtuhkaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1497.Moon Gift IPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1498.Moon Gift IiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1499.Moon Gift IkutoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1500.Moon Gift InariPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1501.Moon Gift KatcuroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1502.Moon Gift KibaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1503.Moon Gift KichiroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1504.Moon Gift KicunePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1505.Moon Gift LevaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1506.Moon Gift LigolasPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1507.Moon Gift LisaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1508.Moon Gift Little BunnyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1509.Moon Gift LiviyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1510.Moon Gift LyubavaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1511.Moon Gift MakotoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1512.Moon Gift MasashiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1513.Moon Gift MichioPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1514.Moon Gift MisakiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1515.Moon Gift MiyukiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1516.Moon Gift NaomiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1517.Moon Gift NaricoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1518.Moon Gift NiboriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1519.Moon Gift NikkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1520.Moon Gift PaulitaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1521.Moon Gift Persona VipPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1522.Moon Gift Pervai RytsorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1523.Moon Gift PlayboyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1524.Moon Gift Pocelui FartunuPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1525.Moon Gift Roc-N-RolPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1526.Moon Gift RosalinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1527.Moon Gift Russkij StilPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1528.Moon Gift TetsujPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1529.Moon Gift TiheroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1530.Moon Gift UilijmPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1531.Moon Gift UmigoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1532.Moon Gift UndinaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1533.Moon Gift UrsulaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1534.Moon Harbour FairytalePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
1535.Moon Harbour FlashbackPLL-clear b/p
1536.Moon Harbour Free StylePLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
1537.Moonswift Desert FlamePLL-clearPRA-clear
1538.Mosaic Playboy Little Dog Of Dreamnormal0/0
1539.Moskovskaya BaryshnyaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1540.Muslis SoldierPLL-clearPRA-clear
1541.Muso Grazioso Edgar King Of LifePLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
1542.My Crazy Crested Elite GalantePRA-clear
1543.My Love Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1544.My Lucky Charm GodivaPLL-clear b/p
1545.My Lucky Charm Grand PriPLL-clear b/p
1546.My Lucky Love Keep AwayPLL-clearPRA-clear
1547.My Lucky Love Kid To All GalluriusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1548.My Vanity Fair AbsenthPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1549.My Vanity Fair Aioli GingerDM-clear b/p
1550.My Vanity Fair All RoaderDM-clear b/p
1551.My Vanity Fair ArizonaDM-clear
1552.My Vanity Fair AurelikaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1553.My Vanity Fair Gallea ChicPRA-clear b/p
1554.My Vanity Fair GamblerDM-clear
1555.My Vanity Fair Gift Of StarsPRA-clear b/p
1556.My Vanity Fair Gobi OasisPRA-clear b/p
1557.My Vanity Fair Gordon DevilPRA-clear b/p
1558.My Vanity Fair GraffitiPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1559.My Vanity Fair Grand King for LirisPLL-clearPRA-clear
1560.My Vanity Fair Guest PeasPRA-clear b/p
1561.My Vanity Fair IndiscreetDM-clear
1562.My Vanity Fair IngilhildisPLL-clearPRA-clear1/1HD-ADM-clearHUU-clear
1563.My Vanity Fair La-TinaDM-clear
1564.My Vanity Fair La-Tte MacchiatoPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1565.My Vanity Fair LamborghiniPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1566.My Vanity Fair LollobrigidaPRA-clear b/p
1567.My Vanity Fair Midnight CoffeePLL-carrierPRA-carrierDM-clear
1568.My Vanity Fair Nibelungen V.fabeltierDM-clear b/p
1569.My Vanity Fair Nikol'DM-clear b/p
1570.My Vanity Fair Nympha Volantis (puff)DM-clear
1571.My Vanity Fair RhapsodyDM-clear
1572.Nabab GermanikaPLL-clear
1573.Nadzieja GermanikaPRA-clear
1574.Naked Stars Dublin MudslidePLL-carrierPRA-clear
1575.Naleks Art CharlestonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1576.Naleks Art ChicagoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1577.Naleks Art GavanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1578.Naleks Art GreenwichPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1579.Naleks Art HarbinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1580.Naleks Art HaryanaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1581.Naleks Art HelenaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1582.Naleks Art HitachiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1583.Naleks Art JenevaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1584.Naleks Art Lilu Dla Stil Ot ValeriPLL-clearPRA-clear
1585.Naleks Art OlympiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1586.Naleks Art OmahaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1587.Naleks Art OrleanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1588.Naleks Art OxfordPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1589.Naleks Art WalesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1590.Naleks Art WaltonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1591.Naleks Art WinstonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1592.Namur Misaki AvokaduhPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p0/0normal
1593.Nancy Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1594.Natsumi von ShinbashiPLL-clearPRA-clear
1595.Navi Gamma KassiopeiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1596.Nikita Modry KvetPLL-clearPRA-clear
1597.Nina Ricci Winning SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1598.Nosey Panda Princess von ShinbashiPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
1599.Nunki Sigma StrelcaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1600.O, Kakaya Klevaya dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1601.Ocharovatel'nyy Kapriz dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1602.Odil' dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1603.Ognennaya Ledi Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPRA-clear b/p
1604.Ognenny Lotos BelkaPLL-clear b/p
1605.Ognenny Lotos Cha-Cha-ChaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1606.Ognenny Lotos PadawanPLL-clearPRA-clear
1607.Ognenny Lotos ParkerDM-clear
1608.Ognenny Lotos PyshikPLL-clear b/p
1609.Ognenny Lotos TagiraPLL-carrier
1610.Ognenny Lotos ZhannetPLL-clear
1611.Ognenny Lotos Zhar-Ptica Dlia BikiPLL-clear b/p
1612.Ognenny Lotos Zhguchiy PerchikPLL-clear b/p
1613.Ognenny Lotos ZhiganPLL-clear b/p
1614.Ognenny Lotos Zolotko ElisPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1615.Ognennyi Shtorm iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPRA-clear b/p
1616.Ognennyy Lotos Ral'fPLL-clear b/p
1617.Ognennyy Lotos RatatuyPLL-clear b/p
1618.Ognennyy Lotos RenesmiPLL-clear b/p
1619.Ognennyy Lotos RiannaPLL-clear b/p
1620.Oksana Z Gangu LysychPRA-clear b/p
1621.Olegro Katrin Almandzor Dlya OziPLL-clearPRA-clear
1622.Olegro Katrin Ambridge D'amourPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
1623.Olegro Katrin Amore MioPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1624.Olegro Katrin Angel Amaze MiPLL-clearPRA-clear
1625.Olegro Katrin ButterflyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1626.Olegro Katrin Carte BlanchePLL-carrierPRA-clear
1627.Olegro Katrin DastiPLL-clearPRA-clear
1628.Olegro Katrin DouphinPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1629.Olegro Katrin Ignite My FirePLL-clear
1630.Olegro Katrin Il Conte Di Vanity FairPLL-clearDM-clear
1631.Olegro Katrin Illight SongPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
1632.Olegro Katrin IolantaPRA-clear b/p
1633.Olegro Katrin Its My LifePLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
1634.Olegro Katrin Itsed DiamondPLL-clearPRA-clear
1635.Olegro Katrin IveriyaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1636.Olegro Katrin IzyuminkaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1637.Olegro Katrin Kanzy GingerPRA-clear
1638.Olegro Katrin Kelvin CutePLL-carrierPRA-clear
1639.Olegro Katrin La-Manche Dogland HappyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1640.Olegro Katrin Luxury LadybirdPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1641.Olegro Katrin MagnoliyaDM-clear
1642.Olegro Katrin NarutoPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1643.Olegro Katrin NiagaraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1644.Olegro Katrin NirvanaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1645.Olegro Katrin NoblessePLL-clearPRA-clear
1646.Olegro Katrin Number OnePLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1647.Olegro Katrin RebelPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1648.Olegro Katrin RenovatiionPRA-clear b/p
1649.Olegro Katrin RiminiPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1650.Olegro Katrin RoxolanaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1651.Olegro Katrin Snow Queen In LoveMagicPLL-clearPRA-clear
1652.Olegro Katrin SofiyaDM-clear
1653.Olegro Katrin SopranoPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normal
1654.Olegro Katrin ViagraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1655.Olimpia Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPRA-clear b/p
1656.Olivera's The Most PopularPRA-clear0/0
1657.Olivia Smile DiamondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1658.Oliviya Zvezda SibiriPRA-clear b/p
1659.Olivka Medovaya dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1660.Omegaville Back with a Bang to Shumlleanormal
1661.Omegaville Pretty As A PicturePLL-clearPRA-clear
1662.Omegaville Winner Takes It AllPLL-clear
1663.Onyx Amulet Of LuckPLL-clear b/p
1664.Orakul Sud'by Iz Sozvezdiya KhanaPRA-clear b/p
1665.Oriental Jokes Best Of Best For SolinosPRA-clear
1666.Oriental Jokes Best OnePLL-clearPRA-clear
1667.Oriental Jokes Bishop BaccaratPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1668.Oriental Jokes Viener ValserPLL-clearPRA-clear
1669.Original Stone IdahoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1670.Original Stone Indiana LaraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1671.Original Stone IstwoodPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1672.Original Stone IsysPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1673.Original Stone IzayaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1674.Original Stone LeyburnPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1675.Original Stone Lily RosePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1676.Original Stone Look At MePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1677.Orion In The MoonlightPLL-clear b/p
1678.Oro Antenati AmurPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1679.Oro Antenati AnastasiyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1680.Oro Antenati AsilijaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1681.Oro Antenati BlancaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1682.Oro Antenati BondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1683.Oro Antenati BrunoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1684.Oro Antenati CasperDM-clear b/p
1685.Oro Antenati CaspianDM-clear b/p
1686.Oro Antenati Cover Girl For MyDM-clear b/p
1687.Oro Antenati Curry Hot PepperDM-clear b/p
1688.Oro Antenati Dance With PassionDM-clear b/p
1689.Oro Antenati Darling Of FortunePRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1690.Oro Antenati Deny Teddy BearDM-clear b/p
1691.Oro Antenati Denzel RockPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1692.Oro Antenati Dessert Creme BruleePRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1693.Oro Antenati Diamond InfinityDM-clear b/p
1694.Oro Antenati Diva In DreamsDM-clear b/p
1695.Oro Antenati Divine Color Of The NightPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1696.Oro Antenati Dolce VitaPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1697.Oro Antenati Dont Stop Me NowPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1698.Oro Antenati Double Ice CreamDM-clear b/p
1699.Oro Antenati Dreams Come TruePRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1700.Oro Antenati Drive Me CrazyPRA-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1701.Oro Antenati E-TayaPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1702.Oro Antenati EgozaPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1703.Oro Antenati ElayPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1704.Oro Antenati Elizaveta PrekrasnayaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1705.Oro Antenati EniseyPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1706.Oro Antenati EsikaPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1707.Oro Antenati EvgenikaPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1708.Oro Antenati GarmoniyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1709.Oro Antenati GenijPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1710.Oro Antenati GideonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1711.Oro Antenati GraciyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1712.Oro Antenati GraffityPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1713.Oro Antenati Ideal GirlPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1714.Oro Antenati If You're A Star ZendayaPRA-clear b/p
1715.Oro Antenati Image ZorroPRA-clear b/p
1716.Oro Antenati Imperial ZarnikaPRA-clear b/p
1717.Oro Antenati In Love For YouPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1718.Oro Antenati In My HeartPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1719.Oro Antenati Incredible ZarinaPRA-clear b/p
1720.Oro Antenati IndigoPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1721.Oro Antenati IntrigaPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1722.Oro Antenati Intuition ZumbaPRA-clear b/p
1723.Oro Antenati OchrePLL-clear b/p
1724.Oro Antenati Viggo AlmasPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1725.Oro Antenati Vivo ValorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1726.Oro Antenati ZabavaPRA-clear b/p
1727.Oro Antenati ZlataPRA-clear b/p
1728.Oro Antenati ZodiakPRA-clear b/p
1729.Oro Antenati Zoom-ZoomPRA-clear b/p
1730.Oro Antenati ZvezdaPRA-clear b/p
1731.Osenniy Potceluy MishelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1732.Oskar Velikolepniy DendyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1733.Oster Gorgeus GuyPLL-clear b/p
1734.Out Of Nowhere Crestyle N'coPRA-clearnormal0/0
1735.Ovatcia Alfa Laval S Tushinskogo DomaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1736.Ovatii Sharizat LovingPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1737.Ovatii Sharp As'chiliPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1738.Ovatii Shoko DesertinoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1739.Paladin StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1740.Patricia Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1741.Paulina Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1742.Paw-A-Dee Powderpuff PinglanPLL-carrierPRA-clearnormal0/0DM-clear
1743.Paw-A-Dee QuincyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1744.Pegas Z Jasne HvezdyPLL-clear
1745.Penelope Garden RosesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1746.Penelope Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1747.Perfect Love Elixir Dorozhe ZolotaPRA-clear b/p
1748.Perl Magic PatriciaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
1749.Perlita Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1750.Picasso Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1751.Piciri Heby HarleyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1752.Pirat Cheornogo Morya Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPRA-clear b/p
1753.Pleasant Gift Of Skies Dorozhe ZolotaPRA-clear b/p
1754.Pliar PostilionPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clearHUU-clear
1755.Poale Ell AdamPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1756.Poale Ell BazhenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1757.Poale Ell ChesterPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1758.Pocco Garden RosesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1759.Poker Face Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPRA-clear b/p
1760.Polar Shane Dancing LovePLL-clear
1761.Polar Shane Night StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1762.Polar Shane Norma LifePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1763.Polar Shane Victori In RingPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1764.Polly Pupo-HaichiPRA-clear
1765.Practical Hero Almost InvinciblePRA-clear b/p
1766.Precious Nutlet Dorozhe ZolotaPRA-clear b/p
1767.Predannaya Iskorka AbamDM-clear b/p
1768.Predannaya Iskorka AmurDM-clear b/p
1769.Predannaya Iskorka GalaxyPLL-clear b/p
1770.Predannaya Iskorka GaroldPLL-clear b/p
1771.Predannaya Iskorka GectorPLL-clear b/p
1772.Predannaya Iskorka GellaPLL-clear b/p
1773.Predannaya Iskorka GiacintPLL-clear b/p
1774.Predannaya Iskorka GlossPLL-clear b/p
1775.Predannaya Iskorka GranatPLL-clear b/p
1776.Predannya Iskorka GloriaPLL-clear b/p
1777.Prekrasnaya Melodiya LubviPLL-clearPRA-clear
1778.Prem'er Mari ChingizhanPLL-clearPRA-clear
1779.Premier Mari IdalgoPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0DM-clear
1780.Premier Mari TerezaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1781.Prima Vsekh Serdets Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPRA-clear b/p
1782.Priscilla Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1783.Prissy Garden RosesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1784.Proud Queen of Faeries Dorozhe ZolotaPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1785.Publicity Star Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPRA-clear b/p
1786.Queen Of My Heart EpochaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1787.Raduzhny Mir Dzhoja Ever FirstPLL-clearPRA-clear
1788.Raduzhny Mir Edelweiss Belle FleurPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1789.Raduzhny Mir Edicted To LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1790.Raffaele Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1791.Rava Super CiapkiPLL-clear b/pnormalHD-Anormal
1792.Razve Ne Krasiva Dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1793.Real Rival Status Imperial MinodoraPLL-clearPRA-clear>15mm/min – normalnormal
1794.Reina Rubia Mali ZmajPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1795.Reject's Three Time A Lady0/0
1796.Rhea Silvia AlmiresPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1797.Rhea Silvia Mali ZmajPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1799.Rio-Rita Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1800.Rio–de-Zhaneiro dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1801.Roberta Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
1802.Rocco Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1803.Rocket Ronnie From LemizPLL-clear
1804.Rolana Family Adel (puff)PLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1805.Rolana Family Agent James BondPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1806.Rolana Family AlamedaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1807.Rolana Family AmadeusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1808.Rolana Family ArabellaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1809.Rolana Family ArielPLL-clearPRA-clear
1810.Rolana Family AristokratPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1811.Rolana Family BavariaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1812.Rolana Family BrunoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1813.Rolana Family EliseyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1814.Rolana Family EremeyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1815.Rolana Family EvangelistaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1816.Rolana Family GalileoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1817.Rolana Family Genius Of Pure BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1818.Rolana Family GodfatherPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1819.Rolana Family Grace KellyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1820.Rolana Family InfantPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1821.Rolana Family InterstellarPLL-clearPRA-clear
1822.Rolana Family InvinciblePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1823.Rolana Family IrvinPLL-clearPRA-clear
1824.Rolana Family IskanderPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1825.Rolana Family IvoryPLL-clearPRA-clear
1826.Rolana Family LauncelotPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1827.Rolana Family LegendaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1828.Rolana Family Love StoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1829.Rolana Family Nefertiti Born To WinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1830.Rolana Family OmegaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1831.Rolana Family OpiumPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1832.Rolana Family Optimus PrimePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1833.Rolana Family OxygenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1834.Rolana Family TarzanPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
1835.Rolana Family TiramisuPLL-clearPRA-clear
1836.Rolana Family Valkyria BrunhildaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1837.Rolana Family VavilonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1838.Rolana Family VelesPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1839.Rolana Family VeneraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1840.Rolana Family Verity VictoriaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1841.Rolana Family VintagePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1842.Rolana Family VirginiaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1843.Rolana Family VizantiyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1844.Rolana Family You The Best In My Life>15mm/min – normal
1845.Rolex Super CiapkiPLL-clear b/p
1846.Romantika dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1847.Romeo Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1848.Romina Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1849.Rovanni Djekattolo Deni GalluriusPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1850.Rovanni Djekattolo Filippa KaraPLL-clear
1851.Rovanni Djekattolo King Of The RingPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1852.Rovanni Djekattolo Olsi BlackberryPLL-clearPRA-clear
1853.Rovanni Djekattolo Orsi For GalluriusPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1854.Rovanni Djekattolo Rikki PoveriPLL-clearPRA-clear
1855.Royal Blek Gold dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1856.Rumba v Nochi dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1857.Rus Crimson Empaer Show Me Angel lookPLL-clearPRA-clear
1858.Rus Foreva Apel'sinchikPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1859.Rus Foreva Blue DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1860.Rus Foreva EmotionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1861.Rus Foreva Fire Fox Apriori VipPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1862.Rus Foreva GiselPLL-clearPRA-clear
1863.Rus Foreva Gordynja NochiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1864.Rus Foreva KimikoPLL-carrier
1865.Rus Foreva VitaminkaPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1866.Rus Lorens Feel The DifferencePRA-clear b/p
1867.Rus Lorens Formula Of LovePRA-clear b/p
1868.Rus Lorens Imperia Of Cream RosePLL-carrierPRA-clear0/0
1869.Rus Lorens Ingold Frizzy BoyPLL-clearPRA-clear
1870.Rus Lorens Oda GrezPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1871.Russkii Romans dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1872.Ruth Perfetto AmicoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1873.Sabellina PoarottPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1874.Sakkarra N Jewels Got ChocolatePRA-clear b/p
1875.Salemi StarlightPLL-clear
1876.Samaya Samaya dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1877.Sancerre Armani Golden Diamond For ZucciPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1878.Santa Mi CorazónPRA-clear b/p
1879.Sapfir Iz Tsarskogo Sela BenefisPLL-clear
1880.Sapfir Iz Tsarskogo Sela KlarissaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1881.Sappho CHRISTY`S DOGPRA-clear b/p
1882.Sasquehanna (fci) AndrzejkaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1883.Sasquehanna (fci) EkaroPLL-clearPRA-clear
1884.Sasquehanna (fci) EkierPLL-clearPRA-clear
1885.Sasquehanna (fci) El DinoPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1886.Sasquehanna (fci) ElzekPLL-clearPRA-clear
1887.Sasquehanna (fci) PalatinoPLL-clear b/p
1888.Sasquehanna (fci) PiaffPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal
1889.Sasquehanna DynamitPLL-clear
1890.Sasquehanna EluzynaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1891.Sasquehanna EpikPLL-clearPRA-clear
1892.Sasquehanna FCI AlgorPLL-clearPRA-clear
1893.Sasquehanna GizelaPRA-clear
1894.Sasquehanna PogromPLL-clear b/p
1895.Sasquehanna SariPLL-clearPRA-clear
1896.Sasquehanna WelonPLL-clearPRA-clear
1897.Sasquehanna WolnoscPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1898.Sasquehanna ZachodPLL-clearPRA-clear
1899.Satisfy In All Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
1900.Scarlett Sidabrine TuopaPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0DM-clear
1901.Sebiya Molosos GratziPLL-clearPRA-clear
1902.Selena CHRISTY`S DOGPRA-clear b/p
1903.Selena Exotic WorldPLL-clear
1904.Serebra Tsentik dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1905.Shakti Mali ZmajPRA-clear b/p
1906.Sharol Shi Akira For Lorita StarPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear
1907.Sharol Shi Artis RobbiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1908.Sharol Shi Azzaro DendiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1909.Sharol Shi Best in FishkaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1910.Sharol Shi Cuba LibertyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1911.Sharol Shi GPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1912.Sharol Shi G---PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1913.Sharol Shi G...PLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1914.Sharol Shi Gremmi Mi YolliPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1915.Sharol Shi KilimanjaroPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1916.Sharol Shi Netsuke Statnaja KasatkaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1917.Sharol Shi Scheel KleinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1918.Sharol Shi Shan-DiPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
1919.Sharol Shi Shri LankaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1920.Sharol Shi TakeshaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1921.Sharol Shi Zi Black MambaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1922.Sharol Shi Zippi FocusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1923.Sheela Mali ZmajPRA-clear b/p
1924.Shekherezada Skazka Nochnogo VostokaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1925.Shelbie Mali ZmajPRA-clear b/p
1926.Shelcovij Shlejf ImidzheneyshenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1927.Shelcovij Shlejf Infrequent GiftPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1928.Shelcovij Shlejf Intimate FriendPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1929.Shida Shock JockPLL-clearPRA-clearaberrancenormal
1930.Shina Gold Golden LegendPLL-clearPRA-clear
1931.Shou ShakiraPLL-clearPRA-clear
1932.Show Galaktika E...PRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1933.Show Galaktika Ekspensiv DzevelriPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1934.Show Galaktika GriffindorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1935.Show Galaktika I..........PRA-clear b/p
1936.Show Galaktika Idal*go........PRA-clear b/p
1937.Show Galaktika ImidzhPRA-clear b/p
1938.Show Galaktika InteresPRA-clear b/p
1939.Show Galaktika IntrigaPRA-clear b/p
1940.Show Galaktika KawaiiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1941.Show Galaktika KiotoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1942.Show Galaktika Kuro NekoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1943.Show Galaktika KyokenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1944.Show Galaktika LetteriyaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1945.Show Galaktika LiluPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1946.Show Galaktika Limited EditionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1947.Show Galaktika Lui VittonPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
1948.Show Galaktika ValenciaPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1949.Show Galaktika ViktorPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1950.Show Galaktika VincentPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1951.Showplace Rear AdmiralPLL-clearPRA-clear
1952.Showplace Richness Of KontentPLL-clearPRA-clear
1953.Showplace ValkirjaPLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
1954.Showplace Van HelsingPRA-clear b/p
1955.Showplace ViberPLL-clearPRA-clear b/pDM-clearHUU-clear
1956.Siberian Love Winter FrostPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1957.Siberian Love Winter MagicPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1958.Siberian Love Winter MelodyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1959.Siberian Love Winter QueenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1960.Siberian Love Winter Santa ClausePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1961.Siberian Love Winter SuprisePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1962.Siberian Love Winters Beautiful StoryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1963.Siberian Love Zillion KissesPLL-carrier
1964.Sil'ver Tauer San BraytPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
1965.Silkencrest Access To My HeartPLL-clearPRA-clearnormal0/0
1966.Silver Tauer San BraitPRA-clear b/p
1967.Simfoniya Sentyabryu dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1968.Sindi FlauerPLL-carrierPRA-clear
1969.Sirenevii Liker dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1970.Sirius SamPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1971.Sirocco Broken Wings Of SlothPLL-clearPRA-carrier
1972.Sky Miracle Amore Mio SarioloPLL-clear b/p
1973.Sky Miracle Daisy For Fantastik KashmirPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1974.Sky Miracle Diamond PrincessPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1975.Sky Miracle Elizabet ArdenPRA-clear b/p
1976.Sky Miracle Farty BonusPLL-clear b/p
1977.Sky Miracle Frisky BoyPLL-clear b/p
1978.Sky Miracle Gertsog Grand ShowPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1979.Sky Miracle Lady BlackPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear
1980.Sky Miracle Look-Hit Sharol ShiPLL-clearPRA-clear
1981.Sky Miracle NaomiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1982.Sky Miracle Naruto For Endless KissPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1983.Sky Miracle NiboriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1984.Sky Miracle NikkoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1985.Sky Miracle Onside Flame Of LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1986.Sky Miracle Oriental NightPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1987.Sky Miracle Yuki Snow SparklingPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1988.Sky Miracle Yume Dream For MePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1989.Slavyanskii Val's dlya LirisPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
1990.Sleek Slim Pet-Baby AntaliaPLL-clearPRA-clear
1991.Smart Style On LinePLL-clearPRA-clear
1992.Sofiris Show Alter Ego de PalmerPLL-carrier
1993.Sofiris Show Amiral De BeshvelPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
1994.Sofiris Show DalwhinnieDM-clear b/p
1995.Sofiris Show Danzante Chianti0/0DM-clear
1996.Sofiris Show Empire Of PassionPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1997.Sofiris Show Endless CharmPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1998.Sofiris Show Energy SurgePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
1999.Sofiris Show EnigmaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
2000.Sofiris Show Escape To GloryPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
2001.Sofiris Show Everlasting LovePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
2002.Sofiris Show Exciting SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
2003.Sofiris Show Eye CandyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/p
2004.Sofiris Show Giaconda EstateDM-clear b/p
2005.Sofiris Show Giovanni RossoDM-clear b/p
2006.Sofiris Show Graham's Vintage PortPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2007.Sofiris Show Guado Al TassoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2008.Sofiris Show Ignite My FirePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2009.Sofiris Show Image DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2010.Sofiris Show In Love AgainPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2011.Sofiris Show Inside I'm DancingPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2012.Sofiris Show Invaiting SmilePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2013.Sofiris Show KeepsakePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2014.Sofiris Show Kiss MePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2015.Sofiris Show Ocean Of LovePLL-carrierPRA-clear b/p
2016.Sofiris Show OmenPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2017.Sofiris Show Only For YouPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
2018.Sofiris Show Victory Ansgar NeylPLL-carrier
2019.Sofiris Show Wind Of ChangePLL-clear
2020.Sofiris Show Winner For Stories DreamsPLL-clear
2021.Sofiris Show Zealous KissPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clear
2022.Sofiris Show Zest For LifeDM-clear b/p
2023.Sofiris Show Zesty PepperDM-clear b/p
2024.Sofiris Show Zigzag Of LuckDM-clear b/p
2025.Sofiris Show Zone Of LoveDM-clear b/p
2026.Solino's EnvyPLL-clearPRA-clear
2027.Solino's GodivaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
2028.Solino's Jacqui O.PLL-clear
2029.Solino's Quid Pro QuoPLL-clearPRA-clear
2030.Solino's Quin QuinaPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
2031.Solino's Rive GauchePLL-clearPRA-clear0/0
2032.Solino's What Elsenormal
2033.Solo Para Mi Iz Ordena Ekate-RinyPLL-clear b/p
2034.Soltanto Elvin Mashama Mazi RusPLL-clearPRA-clear
2035.Solveig Goro Disco DancerPLL-clearPRA-clear
2036.Solveig Goro Pearl PlacerPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2037.Solveig Goro Pink PanterPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2038.Solveig Goro Polar BearPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2039.Solveig Goro RammsteinPLL-carrier
2040.Some Kind Of Spectacular N'coPLL-clearPRA-clear
2041.Sophia Z Gangu LysychPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p0/0
2042.Spartac CHRISTY`S DOGPRA-clear b/p
2043.Spotifly Busy Doin NothinPLL-carrierPRA-clearDM-clear
2044.Star Beauty GucciPLL-clearPRA-clear
2045.Star Beauty LexusPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2046.Star Beauty NektarinPLL-clear
2047.Star Beauty NesquikPLL-clear
2048.Star Beauty ZanzaraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2049.Star Beauty ZodiacPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2050.Star Dynasty Anabel GorgeousPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2051.Star Dynasty Angelic BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2052.Star Dynasty Aphrodite VictoriousPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2053.Star Dynasty GalaxyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2054.Star Dynasty Gallant CavalierPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2055.Star Dynasty GardeniaPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2056.Star Dynasty Genius BeautyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2057.Star Dynasty GlamorPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2058.Star Dynasty GoldPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2059.Star Dynasty Golden ArfeyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2060.Star Dynasty GucciPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2061.Star Dynasty HolidayPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
2062.Star Dynasty MartinPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2063.Star Dynasty OpiumPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2064.Star Level KamiPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2065.Star Level Kaus BorealisPLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clearHUU-clear
2066.Star Level KimikoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2067.Star Level Kiss The SkyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2068.Star Level KleopatraPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2069.Star Level Right ChoicePLL-clearPRA-clearDM-clear
2070.Star Level Tamerlan Top In The BlackPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2071.Star Level TerpikeravnosPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0HD-ADM-clearHUU-clear
2072.Star Level Tiffany True BrilliansPLL-clearPRA-clear0/0DM-clearHUU-clear
2073.Star Level TistelPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2074.Star Show Bon Ami AmberliPLL-carrierPRA-clear
2075.Star Show Bon Ami Coffee KissPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/pDM-clear b/pHUU-clear b/p
2076.Star Show Bon Ami DafnaPLL-carrierPRA-clear
2077.Star Show Bon Ami Eden FloverPLL-clear b/p
2078.Star Show Bon Ami Eden FloverPLL-clear b/p
2079.Star Show Bon Ami Eden FloverPRA-clear b/p
2080.Star Show Bon Ami Eden FloverPRA-clear b/p
2081.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2082.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2083.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2084.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2085.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2086.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2087.Star Show Bon Ami Eden Flover
2088.Star Show Bon Ami Eksklyusive ViktoriPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2089.Star Show Bon Ami Ekstremeli Nike GuyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2090.Star Show Bon Ami Elis British QueenPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p>15mm/min – normalDM-clearHUU-clear
2091.Star Show Bon Ami Everi Day DzhoyPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2092.Star Show Bon Ami GalileoPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2093.Star Show Bon Ami Girl DreamPLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2094.Star Show Bon Ami Grand Winner UniversePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p
2095.Star Show Bon Ami I Spark Of HappinessPRA-clear b/p
2096.Star Show Bon Ami Image Of VictoryPRA-clear b/p
2097.Star Show Bon Ami IrzhikPLL-clearPRA-clear b/p
2098.Star Show Bon Ami IvyPRA-clear b/p
2099.Star Show Bon Ami JacquelinePLL-clear b/pPRA-clear b/p